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        Matters needing attention in purchasing buried integrated sewage


        Usually, there are two types of materials used in buried equipment: FRP and carbon steel. When purchasing equipment, it is necessary to know the materials used by suppliers. When the process and other conditions are the same, the different prices of materials will vary greatly.

        All the facts, no matter how well the supplier introduces the superior performance of the equipment to you, should ask the supplier to provide the previous successful cases, and then send someone to the field to inspect the sewage treatment effect. Although it may delay part of the time, this is really crucial.

        Agreed water discharge standard

        Many units in the purchase of buried sewage treatment equipment for sewage treatment standards are not specified in the contract, in the latter environmental requirements to improve the premise, will lead to disputes. Because of the different degree of treatment, the cost of sewage treatment will be very different.

        Before purchase, compare, sign the contract and specify the payment process.

        Select several suppliers for reference, and then make a comprehensive comparison of the factors such as technology, success stories, prices and so on.

        A formal contract is signed before payment is made, and the delivery, commissioning and payment process is stipulated.