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Friday, April 5, 2019

Global Pinoys: REMEMBER The Broken Promises of Rodrigo Duterte.

President Duterte has been in office for about 1010 days. What has happened to his key campaign promises?
From CNN PH:Three years ago, then presidential candidate Rodrigo Duterte promised to end contractualization in a week.
"Endo" or "end of contract" is a highly contested form of contractualization widely practiced in the country -- workers are hired for not more than five months, so employers don't need to regularize them on the sixth month as mandated by the Labor Code. It strips millions of workers of all the benefits granted to regular employees by law.
What has happened to the President's highly-anticipated crackdown on illegal contractual labor? Here's a look back at the statements and orders his administration has issued.
April 2016
Presidential candidates promise to end labor contractualization but Duterte's pitch during an April 24  debate stands out, as he says he can do it in a week.
"I will talk to the House Speaker and the Senate President... I will talk to the majority: You need to pass this bill immediately. I need it first week of my administration," Duterte says.
June 2016
Duterte takes his oath as the 16th President of the Philippines. It marks the start of labor groups' call for him to make good on his campaign promise to end "endo."
July 2016
The President delivers his first State of the Nation Address (SONA), but to the workers' dismay, does not mention ending contractualization.
October 2016
After 100 days in office, Duterte's promise to eradicate "endo" seems far-fetched, labor groups protest.
They slam the Labor Department's draft order on contractualization, saying it does not prohibit all forms of contractualization.
March 2017
Bello signs Department Order 174, the much-awaited rules on contractualization.
The order bans labor-only contracting, outsourcing work due to a strike, and "555" or "endo."
Labor groups stage nationwide protests, arguing that the order actually favors employers and allows manpower agencies to reabsorb workers if employers do not regularize them.
The Palace, on the other hand, maintains the order fulfills Duterte's campaign promise.
February 2018
Duterte has promised to sign an EO banning illegal forms of contractualization by March, Bello says.
In a February 26 speech, however, Duterte seeks a "compromise," saying he cannot force "capitalists" to end contractualization.
April 2018
The administration announces the President is no longer signing any EO, but leaves the contractualization issue to Congress.
From bold promise to ‘publicity stunt’: The evolution of Duterte’s jet ski pledge
From Interaksyon:
In the third presidential debate of the 2016 elections, Rodrigo Duterte boldly promised that he will personally ride a jet ski and plant the Philippine flag in the Spratly Islands or Scarborough Shoal and assert the country’s sovereignty amid China’s encroachment.
How did Duterte’s daring promise when he was still a candidate evolve into a “publicity stunt” which he did not even take part in and was conducted some 900 kilometers away from the Spratly Islands?
‘I’ve long wanted to become a hero’
“I will ask the navy to bring me to the nearest boundary dyan sa Spratly – Scarborough. Bababa ako, sasakay ako ng jet ski, dala-dala ko yung flag ng Pilipino at pupunta ako doon sa airport nila tapos itanim ko, then I would say, ‘This is ours and do what you want with me.’ Bahala na kayo,” then Davao city mayor said.
“I would state that claim and if they want to, you know – eh matagal ko ng ambisyon yan na maging hero rin ako. Pag pinatay nila ako doon, bahala na kayong umiyak dito sa Pilipinas,” he added.
However, in an interview with Al Jazeera a few months after winning the presidency, Duterte dismissed his pledge as a “hyperbole.”
“It was a hyperbole… You cannot expect me to ride (a jet ski), I don’t even know how to swim,” Duterte said in the interview.
The President blamed Congress for not granting him the emergency powers needed to solve traffic along major roads.
From MB
"I said I would need money to repair or rehabilitate or do away with the present situation. Sabi ng iba [Others said], mga congressmen, 'Let us give Duterte the power, extraordinary power.' Hindi ninyo narinig ' yun sa bunganga ko ni minsan, kasi alam ko [You've never heard that from me because I know]," he said.
Both houses of Congress have filed their respective emergency power bills, but are still pending approval.
In September 2018, Duterte said he will no longer seek emergency powers to ease Manila's traffic woes.
Broken promise: ‘I’ll behave when I’m President’
A month before he took his oath as president, Duterte promised to stop cursing so much and to “behave,” out of respect for the Philippine presidency. Three years later, Duterte rarely gives a speech without several curse words. 
His foul-mouthed tirades against critics, his off-color jokes, and misogynistic remarks are now a defining feature of his presidency. From Rappler
Duterte threatens 'suicide mission' if Beijing oversteps in South China Sea
 (CNN) Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte has threatened to send his troops on a "suicide mission" if Beijing doesn't "lay off" a Manila-occupied island in the South China Sea.
Duterte's speech at a rally in the city of Puerto Princesa in Palawan came days after the Philippine government claimed as many as 275 Chinese boats and ships had been spotted in recent months around Manila's Thitu Island in the Spratly Island chain.
"Let us be friends, but do not touch Pagasa Island and the rest," Duterte said, according to CNN Philippines, using the Philippine word Pagasa for Thitu.
"If you make moves there, that's a different story. I will tell my soldiers, 'Prepare for suicide mission'."