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“How shall freedom be defended? By arms when it is attacked by arms, by truth when it is attacked by lies, by faith when it is attacked by authoritarian dogma. Always, in the final act, by determination and faith.” ― Archibald MacLeish

Ang Kalbaryo Ng Pinoy: KUNG gusto ninyo pa rin ng EJKs pero nakakalusot ang mga mayaman na drug lords, bola lang ang "end of Endo", ang yaman ng bayan para na lang sa mga plunderers at mga dayuhan! Iboto ninyo ang mga "popular" na kandidato ni Digong! Kalimutan na lang ang Bayan.

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Tuesday, September 25, 2018

Senator Sonny Trillanes: Another "Ninoy" In The Making!

SonnyTrillanes, another Ninoy in the making. 
"The moment you say no to tyranny, you are beginning the struggle. No to tyranny! No to degradation of human dignity! "
So the World may know:Duterte has killed 🇵🇭 democracy and is responsible for 12,000 EJKs. 
Duterte jailed opposition Sen.DeLima, ousted  CJ Sereno and now arrested Senator #Trillanes! 
God save the Philippines🙏
"Is a Filipino more comfortable under an authoritarian leader because he does not want to be burdened with the freedom of choice? Is he unprepared or, worse, ill-suited for presidential or parliamentary democracy." Ninoy
"And when the people reach that height, God will provide a weapon, the idols will be shattered, tyranny will crumble like a house of cards, and liberty will shine out like the first dawn.” ― José Rizal
Metro Manila (CNN Philippines, September 25) — The Makati Regional Trial Court on Tuesday issued a warrant of arrest against Senator Antonio Trillanes IV and barred him from leaving the country.
Judge Elmo Alameda of Branch 150 granted the Justice Department's petition for an alias arrest warrant and hold departure order against Trillanes, following President Rodrigo Duterte's voidance of the senator's amnesty.
Trillanes, in a media briefing at the Senate, said he would post the P200,000 bail set by the court for his temporary liberty. He also said he is ready to be arrested.
"Sasama ako sa arresting team kapag may warrant (I will go with the arresting team when there's a warrant) no matter how unjust that warrant may be," Trillanes said.
Trillanes has been holed up in the Senate since September 4, when Duterte's proclamation that invalidated his amnesty was published in newspapers.
The court ordered Trillanes' arrest after finding "factual and legal bases" for Duterte's Proclamation No. 572, issued last August 31. This proclamation declared Trillanes' amnesty void from the beginning because of failure to comply with requirements.
"Precisely, Proclamation No. 572 series of 2018 was issued by President Duterte to rectify the erroneous grant of amnesty given to Sen. Trillanes," the court order read.
Cory And Ninoy In Marcos’ Military Tribunal
The declaration of martial law on September 21, 1972 ushered in the defining phase in Ninoy's evolution as a leader. Before then, it was generally assumed that he would ascend to the nation's highest office as the Liberal Party's standard bearer in the 1973 presidential elections. Instead, he wound up the most high-profile political prisoner as Ferdinand Marcos suspended the Constitution, abolished Congress, silenced the opposition and the media, and ruled by decree on the pretext that he needed emergency powers to quell a communist insurgency and a Muslim secessionist rebellion.
While incarcerated in Fort Bonifacio, Ninoy managed to communicate with underground elements of the opposition who eluded arrest and to even have articles critical of martial law published in the foreign press. In an effort to break his spirit, Marcos had Ninoy and Senator Jose "Pepe" Diokno secretly brought to Fort Magsaysay in Laur, Nueva Ecija, where the two were placed in solitary confinement.
In those trying times, Ninoy began to question his faith as he wondered why God would allow him to suffer such indignity and injustice. Rejecting the authority of the military tribunal tasked to pass judgment on his guilt or innocence in the face of trumped-up charges of murder, subversion, and illegal possession of firearms, he went on a 40-day hunger strike that nearly cost him his life.
But, in the depths of his desolation, he realized that he had in fact been living a charmed life and felt shame at whimpering when his character was placed under its most severe test. There began a spiritual transformation that would see Ninoy evolve from a brilliant and ambitious politician to a selfless servant leader who surrendered himself to the will of God.
As expected, the military tribunal pronounced him guilty and sentenced him to die by musketry in 1977. However, the Marcos government could not carry out death sentence as its human rights record came under intense international scrutiny. Ninoy was even allowed to run for a Metro Manila seat in the Interim Batasang Pambansa in 1978. With only his family and a ragtag ticket campaigning for him, the imprisoned Aquino still gave the dictatorship a scare as polls showed him a shoo-in for a Batasan seat and as a noise barrage rocked the metropolis on the eve of election day. With the counting of ballots under their control, the administration Kilusang Bagong Lipunan swept the elections.
On his seventh year and seventh month in prison, Ninoy got his divine reprieve in a strange sort of way. He suffered a heart attack and, to his surprise, Marcos allowed him to go to the United States for bypass surgery. From
"During those eight years, I learned the true meaning of humiliation, of courage, of hunger and endless anxiety. Rather than be bitter I have learned to accept my suffering as a cleansing process and a rare opportunity to really grapple with the problems of the Filipino." Ninoy
"I recalled the situation in my prison. There in that prison I shared a cell with a great Filipino. His name is Senator Jose W. Diokno, one of the most respected men in our country, a man who could not be bribed, a man whose towering integrity is a by-word with the youth. He stayed with me for two years in jail, and then after two years, he was released, no charges, no explanation. There were a hundred thousand Filipinos who went through those jails, hardly 10% were charged. They were arrested without charges. They were released without explanation. That is what happened to our country. And what about the mothers and the children who lost their breadwinners when these people went to jail? In my compound, there were only four of us: myself, Jose Maria Sison, his wife and Lieutenant Corpus. I did not know that there was another one, a fifth one, who was barely a hundred and fifty meters away from my cell. I never knew that there was a young man by the name of Sixto Carlos, Jr. because only when I was released that I finally read his poignant story. You know what they did to this man? They tortured him no end for two weeks. They kept him in a safe house. They fed him poison and his body became numb, and finally he lost his senses and therefore, they cannot bring him back to his family because they took him apart and they could not take him back together. This young man was a student leader in the U.P. He did not see the sun and the moon for 124 days. He was chained to his gut. Jose Maria Sison was chained to his gut. His feet were chained. His hand was chained. You cannot see a more inhumane situation, and I want to tell you my friends, until you have tasted this loneliness, you will not know what solitary confinement means. "
"They brought me to a mountain hideout in the Sierra Madre and placed me in a box. I had only my brief and my t-shirt. I refused to eat because I thought they were poisoning me. There was nothing in the room, barely nothing. And I have nothing to do but twiddle my thumb and for the first time in my life, I heard the ticking of every second, and I was counting every second into minutes, and as the minutes marched into hours, and the hours into days, and the days into weeks, I knew what loneliness meant. Ninoy Speech in L.A.