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“How shall freedom be defended? By arms when it is attacked by arms, by truth when it is attacked by lies, by faith when it is attacked by authoritarian dogma. Always, in the final act, by determination and faith.” ― Archibald MacLeish

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So The World May Know: Listen To Duterte's Warnings About A Hitler Clone!

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“How shall freedom be defended? By arms when it is attacked by arms, by truth when it is attacked by lies, by faith when it is attacked by authoritarian dogma. Always, in the final act, by determination and faith.”

― Archibald MacLeish

Sunday, April 29, 2018

The Philippines-The State of The Nation After Duterte's 669 Days in Office!

#Dutertards: Are you mighty proud of the " achievements" of your cult leader after 687 days in office? No regrets at all? 
Will this be your proud legacy to your children and children's children? May God have mercy on the Philippines!
The Philippine Stock Exchange Index, the world’s worst performing equity benchmark with a year-to-date loss of about 10 percent, is poised for more weakness as its 50-day moving average slips below its 200-day line, forming a bearish pattern called a “death cross.” In the three previous instances of this pattern for the benchmark, Philippine equities sank deeper. More than $30 billion in market value has already been erased since the gauge peaked on January 29 as investors sold down amid fears rising inflation could trigger a sharper rate increase by its central bank. From Bloomberg News
MANILA - President Rodrigo Duterte said the Philippines will continue to pursue friendly ties with China despite its continuous building of military facilities in its artificial islands in the disputed South China Sea.
Duterte has been accused of going soft on China despite the latter’s aggressive moves in the disputed waters.
The President, however, defended his stance and said it is useless to raise a howl of China’s activities in the disputed sea. He stressed, China’s move was really aimed at the U.S., its main rival for global dominance.
“China is playing it right at this time. That is the reality of geopolitics. Hindi naman tayo ang kalaban niyan eh. Ang kalaban n'yan ay America,” Duterte said in a news conference in Davao City.
“Huwag tayong makisali dyan. We better solve the fundamental problems of our country, including what is happening to our brother Filipinos.”
Duterte said the Philippines cannot afford to confront China, Asia’s largest economy.
“We are neutral. We will continue to talk with China. This is not the time to be fighting over South China Sea because it will only lead to a war,” he said.
Beijing has almost finished building military installations in the seven reefs claimed by Manila in the Spratly archipelago, according to a Philippine Daily Inquirer report which released close-up images of the artificial islands, in a move described by observers as part of China’s bid to cement its control over the contested waters.
Malacañang has downplayed the release of the photos, hinting Manila was helpless in the face of a superior Chinese military.
“This ‘militarization’, if you can call it militarization, did not happen during the Duterte administration alone. It’s been long militarized,” presidential spokesperson Harry Roque said in a news conference earlier this week.
“What can we do? Right now the posture of the President is to maintain close ties [with China] so they won’t have any reason to use those arms in those islands.”
Roque later said in an online interview that the Philippines might even thank China for the man-made islands in the event Beijing loses control over it. From ABS-CBN News
The Duterte / Marcos Combination
The WORST that can happen to the Philippines! 
During the 2016 presidential campaign, Duterte declared:
“They say my timeline is ambitious, you know if I am already president, in the third month I am sitting there as president and I fail because nobody believes me, I really cannot do it even if you give me 10 years of rule.
“Eh mabuti magsibat na lang kayo, or ako. Kung hindi ko magawa 'yan sa tatlong buwan e 'di ibigay ko na lang kay Bongbong (If I fail in three months, better leave the country or I will step down and give the presidency to Bongbong).” From PH Star
Duterte added that he has a bond with Bongbong because during the term of President Ferdinand Marcos, Duterte’s father was a member of the cabinet as the secretary of general services.
He described his father as a true “Marcos boy.”
“Speaking of loyalty and friendship, I am proud to say that my father was a close ally of President Marcos until his death,” he added.
“In hindsight now, looking at the horizon of political deludes he was still the best and the brightest. I can say that because I was around (during the Marcos years),” Duterte said.
He also said that his template of governance is Ferdinand Marcos's, using the military and police in solving criminality.
“He never hesitated really to use the forces of government to get what he really wanted to do to govern the country,” he said.
From Inquirer:
President Rodrigo Duterte has raised the possibility of former Sen. Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos Jr. being his second in command if the late dictator’s son and namesake would win his electoral protest against Vice President Leni Robredo.
This was how Duterte introduced Marcos in his speech before a gathering of Filipinos in Beijing, China where he is currently on a state visit.
“Si Bingbong… Bongbong… Kung manalo siya sa protest niya, baka bago ang ating bise president (Bongbong could be our new vice president if he wins his [electoral] protest).” 
From The New York Times:
Mr. Duterte has close ties with the Marcos family, possibly including financial dealings that have raised questions of motives beyond national healing.
Mr. Duterte has acknowledged receiving a campaign contribution from Imee Marcos. He has not said how much the contribution was, nor reported it publicly. She has denied giving him money, saying Mr. Duterte “likes to make jokes.”
Another murky transaction has also raised eyebrows. In August, Mr. Duterte attacked a billionaire casino magnate, Roberto Ongpin, as an oligarch and publicly promised to destroy him. Mr. Ongpin quietly resigned from his own company and ended up selling his shares to Gregorio Araneta III, the husband of another Marcos daughter, Irene.
Mr. Ongpin has not publicly commented on the sale, but critics see the deal as a favor by Mr. Duterte to the Marcos family.

Duterte has not further explained the campaign contribution. And the Marcos family and the government have not spoken publicly about the sale of the casino business.
There is potentially far greater money at stake, however. Of the estimated $10 billion the government says the Marcos family stole, the presidential commission charged with recovering it has recouped only $650 million.
Ferdinand Marcos Jr. has filed a protest at the Presidential Electoral Tribunal contesting his narrow loss, alleging vote-rigging. If he succeeds and becomes vice president, he could work to eliminate the commission, potentially leaving his family with more than $9 billion in ill-gotten gains.
The real agenda of the Marcos-Duterte Conspiracy is to protect the Marcoses' Stolen Wealth and to maneuver the sneaky return of the Marcoses to Malacanang through Duterte's "revolutionary government" plan!