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“How shall freedom be defended? By arms when it is attacked by arms, by truth when it is attacked by lies, by faith when it is attacked by authoritarian dogma. Always, in the final act, by determination and faith.” ― Archibald MacLeish

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"See how wicked people think up evil; they plan trouble & practice deception.But in the traps they set for others,they themselves get caught. So they are punished by their own evil &are hurt by their own violence.I thank the Lord for his justice;I sing praises to the Lord." Psalm 7:14

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“How shall freedom be defended? By arms when it is attacked by arms, by truth when it is attacked by lies, by faith when it is attacked by authoritarian dogma. Always, in the final act, by determination and faith.”

― Archibald MacLeish

Friday, May 5, 2017

Love And Gravity -“You have to make the rules, not follow them” ― Isaac Newton

“You have to make the rules, not follow them” 
― Isaac Newton
From the author of "Before Ever After" comes a new novel "Love and Gravity" .
Music. Magic. Science. History. Time. And a love that rewrites everything you thought was true.

"Before Ever After" Book Trailer
"Love and Gravity" Book Trailer
Barnes and Noble Customer Review
Love and Gravity is the second novel by Filipino author Samantha S ...

By Jarina
Love and Gravity is the second novel by Filipino author Samantha Sotto. This story intertwines the stories of Andrea Louviere and Isaac Newton. Andrea is of the twentieth century, Isaac is of the seventeenth century but their young unhappy lives become meshed when she is only 7, he is 9. Andrea is a cellist prodigy playing music that seems out of this world. In fact, the resonance of her music has created a split in time and space such that Andrea and Isaac find each other when both need a friend.

At about the same time, Andrea makes another friend in her own dimension and her own time. Nate is the new boy in class having come to live with his grandmother. He keeps very much to himself until a lunchtime incident that seals their friendship. Throughout the story Andrea is torn by her feelings for each fellow.
In a beautifully told story the characters come alive in a way that makes even the most unusual aspect of this story seem perfectly plausible. The depth of Ms. Sotto's research and her understanding of Isaac Newton and his scientific discovery flavors the story and makes everything seem true. She brings into play his work with optics, light, and gravity as well as resonance and acoustics and spins the tale in such a way that the reader can absolutely understand how a rift in time occurred and the interaction from two different times. Did that interaction help form the genius of Newton and were his many gains during his Annus Mirabilis - his marvelous year, the result of this interaction? This story will make you think in this direction.

I found this book to be absolutely enchanting, perhaps the story that has captured me more than any other. I read late into the night coping with the internal struggle of wanting to know what happens next with that of never wanting the story to end. I wholeheartedly recommend this book and encourage reading it, you won't be sorry.
Love and Gravity
By Samantha Sotto
Ballantine. 408 pp. $6.99

March 31, 2017 Book Review From

Love and Gravity touches on love, destiny, and the space-time continuum. It's an intriguing love story between Isaac Newton, the 17th-century scientist, and a modern-day woman from San Francisco.

Andrea Louviere is a 7-year-old cello prodigy when she first sees Isaac. While she is playing her own composition in her room, a light glows and a crack appears in the wall. Through it, she sees a boy in another bedroom. They stare at each other in shock, then wave as the crack slowly closes.

Andrea tries to recreate the song she played as well as she can and make the crack appear again, but nothing happens until two years later. To her dismay, her beloved father has remarried, and his wife later delivers a premature baby girl who does not live long. In her room, Andrea pours out her grief (and guilt) on her cello. She finds herself playing the old melody, and white light flashes once again as a crack opens in the wall.

The boy is older now. He runs to the crack and speaks, but Andrea can hear nothing. The crack closes, and she frantically plays the song over and over, bringing her father in to complain. She tries to tell him about the boy, which just earns her visits with a psychiatrist.

The crack and the boy become obsessions with Andrea. They don't reappear until a few years later, unfortunately during an important concert. At the height of her performance, she sees the light and crack appear in her sheet music. She can glimpse the boy, now a young man, holding up a note: "Name?" As the crack closes she screams out her name in front of the shocked audience.

An elderly Englishman, Oscar Ian Westin, knocks on her door one day and delivers to Andrea, now 17, a yellowed letter sealed with red wax. When she opens it, the first page is the same "Name?" note. The other page says it was from the boy behind the wall, Isaac Newton, and that the time has come to explain everything and how they will come to love each other.

Love and Gravity (available only as an ebook in the United States) asks: What if Isaac Newton's achievements in mathematics and physics were spurred by love, by his desperate search to find a way through the barriers of time and space so that he and Andrea could be united? It's a fascinating concept and a poignant love story.
From The Painting by Pelagio Palagi Fillippo
Amazon Customer Review
A genuinely lovely story about a love that transcends time (trite, but true)
ByJill-Elizabeth (Jill Franclemont)on February 25, 2017

What a lovely story this was! I love stories with time travel and alternate or unusual timelines. I was a huge fan of The Time Traveler’s Wife – this one felt redolent of it for a while, although it wound up (much to my delight) traveling down a more original path than it suggested at first…

There’s a beautiful timeless love story, of course, but there’s also a fascinating exploration (although I don’t know how true – this is, after all, fiction) of Isaac Newton’s early years and a very original take on the inspiration for his major discoveries/theories. The characters really come alive in this one. Isaac himself is fascinating, of course – how could he not be, he’s Isaac Newton! But more interesting, I think, is Andrea. She’s a brilliant enigma, a girl of immense talent with immensely complicated relationships. She really brought the story to life for me. The ancillary characters (her father, Nate) were always present but were clearly set up in supporting roles (even though they were essential to the story)

There’s a twist – I will admit that I saw it coming, but that didn’t lessen the joy of the reveal for me at all. Instead it made it richer and feel like a coming-full-circle wrap up that tied things together nicely without feeling twee or too cozy. This was a very enjoyable and easy-going read, and I will definitely keep the author on my radar…

5.0 out of 5 starsThe Music, The Adventure, and The Infinite Tenderness...
By Autumn on February 7, 2017

Andrea Louviere was destined to play the cello. Her father, a celebrated concert cellist, made sure of that. He taught her how focus her exceptional talent and about just how much power that music really has.

Even he couldn’t have imagined just how true his lesson would prove to be.

One day while practicing, her music opens a crack in her wall to reveal a beautiful boy with a smile that she can never forget. And so begins her desperate search for a way to see him again.

A mysterious man suddenly appears on her doorstep carrying letters from the boy beyond the wall. In his words, she finds strength to overcome her fears and a love that dares to transcend time.

Isaac Newton was historically known for being a loner. He never married and never committed to anything – other than science. But what history doesn’t know is that his heart belonged to a girl that he could never really have. The brief glimpses that he had of Andrea kept him going through a lifetime of solitude and sadness.

He would find a way to cross all barriers to tell her what was in his heart and maybe that would be enough to hold on to when even reason failed him.

But laws and hearts are meant to be broken and it’s a price that he will gladly pay for the beautiful girl made of magic and music.

I expected a sweet and simple love story when I began to read Love and Gravity. And what I experienced was something far different. Samantha has created a wildly passionate tale filled with such longing and heartbreak that I couldn’t hold back the tears. She blended the new and the old with poetic precision and I was completely swept away by the music, the adventure and the infinite tenderness. It’s a feeling that I know I won’t forget for a very long time…
“You have to make the rules, not follow them” 
― Isaac Newton