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one year

one year
Duterte 's 418 WASTED days : What are the results your drug war (8,000 EJKs),economy? (peso weakens!),international image? (shoot-to-kill republic)

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“How shall freedom be defended? By arms when it is attacked by arms, by truth when it is attacked by lies, by faith when it is attacked by authoritarian dogma. Always, in the final act, by determination and faith.”

― Archibald MacLeish

Sunday, March 26, 2017

The EQ Report Card on Duterte after 270 Days in Office!

The EQ Report Card on Duterte after 270 Days in Office!
Does he not deserve to be judged on his record and his actions? 
Senator Alan Peter Cayetano
Duterte's TRAGEDY 
Received 16 million votes. What did he do? Just pursued a MASS MURDERER's obsession.7000 + EJKS. Marcos' stooge.Tsk.Tsk.
Duterte: Not a Unifier!
Are there now two Philippines? The "People Power" Filipinos (one voice, one effort, one prayer) and the Cultong Duterte (the Bizarros)
EQPost gives the  "Un-Filipino " dubious honor to Duterte for being pro🇨🇳puppet, the Marcoses' Man Friday 
& for being uncouth, un-Christian.
Du30: PATHETIC! you don't even know where BenhamRise is located! How will you find it when you "jetski"?
Duterte does not, as he has put it, “give a shit” about human rights. He sees it as a Western obsession that keeps the Philippines from taking the action necessary to clean up the country. He is also hypersensitive to criticism. “Duterte’s weakness is, really, he’s a tough guy,” Greco Belgica, a Filipino politician and an ally of Duterte’s, said. “You do not talk down to a tough guy. He’ll snap.” From New Yorker 
Enslaved to Marcos' Totalitarian Approach!
The Duterte / Marcos Combination
The WORST that can happen to the Philippines! 
"Crimes against humanity vs Duterte ? 
Malabo yan!
Nasaan ang ebidensiya ginagawa niya?" 
From Business World:
Duterte warned Thursday he may impose martial law and suspend elections for tens of thousands of local posts, fueling concerns about democracy under his rule.
Mr. Duterte said he was considering both measures as part of his controversial campaign to eradicate illegal drugs in society, and that martial law would solve a range of other security threats.
“If I declare martial law, I will finish all the problems, not just drugs,” he told reporters in a pre-dawn briefing after returning from neighboring Thailand, which is under military rule.
The issue is highly sensitive in the Philippines, which is still trying to build a strong democracy three decades after the 1986 People Power Revolution ended Ferdinand E. Marcos’s dictatorship.
Mr. Duterte has previously warned he would be prepared to defy constitutional safeguards and restrictions on martial law, although he and his aides have later sought to downplay those threats.
On Thursday, he gave an emphatic case for martial law, saying it would stop the Philippines from “exploding.”
Long after Duterte has gone and his most vociferous followers are footnotes in history,we will write about this terrible era of avarice, injustice & death. New York Times