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Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Bongbong Marcos:We demand justice for all Marcos' Martial Law Victims! VP Leni Robredo

It's the Brave Widow phenomenon happening again in the Philippines!
1986: Cory vs. Marcos, 
NOW Leni vs. BBM! 
Let's be VIGILANT! 
It's the Cory Aquino phenomenon happening again 
in the Philippines!
As Cory Aquino did 30 years ago, Leni Robredo is courageously battling the son of the dictator who pillaged the country for over 20 years.
The Demolition Job vs. VP Leni!
Bongbong Marcos: Remember the 30, 000 Victims of Martial Law! Rape; sexual assault; beatings; electrocution; enforced disappearances; being buried alive; shot in cold blood; hog-tied; water torture; solitary confinement; sleep deprivation.
Bongbong- We demand justice for all Marcos' Martial Law Victims! 
VP Leni Robredo has a message for “millennials” who believe the martial law years were the country’s golden age: It was an ugly time.
“Everything the country experienced back then truly happened. It was not a myth, it was not just a fabrication,” Robredo said 
Robredo said she was saddened by postings on Facebook and Twitter, especially by young people, characterizing the Marcos dictatorship from 1972 to 1986 as the best years of the Philippines.
“When I go on social media, I see a lot of comments that are not true,” said VP Leni Robredo.
“Many mistakenly believe that what we went through more than 30 years ago were the best years in our history.”
“There have been tyrants and murderers, and for a time, they can seem invincible, but in the end, they always fall. Always!”
Mahatma Gandhi
Remember Archimedes Trajano. Student. Questioned Aimee for heading Kabataang Barangay. Tortured and killed. #MarcosNOTaHero
Remember Liliosa Hilao. Writer. Wrote about death of democracy in her school paper. Tortured and killed. #MarcosNOTaHero
Remember Edgar Jopson. Student activist. Shot and killed. #MarcosNOTaHero
Remember Eman Lacaba. Poet and Activist. Shot in the head. #MarcosNOTaHero
Remember Boyet Mijares. Son of Primitivo. Tortured and killed in front of his father. #MarcosNOTaHero
Remember Dr Juan Escandor. Community doctor. Was called an "NPA doctor." Found dead. #MarcosNOTaHero
Remember Macli-ing Dulag. Tribe Leader. Assassinated due to resistance of projects taking over their land. #MarcosNOTaHero
Ninoy Assassination
August 21,1983