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Tuesday, September 20, 2016

The "Unofficial" Charlie Mike Museum of The Philippines

Who is Charlie Mike?
Unfortunately, with the Senate Muzzlement of 
Senadora Leila De Lima, we will never know the precise answer.
In this mad, mad world of Duterte,we can only venture some guesses on the identity of Charlie Mike!
Clue:We know Pinoy leaders always have aliases!
Even Imelda had an alias. Ask the $wiss banks!
To confirm, just ask Bongbong!

Even the foreign press has been curious about Charlie Mike!
Duterte: With due respect,
do you know #CharlieMike? If so, where is he?
Dead or Alive?
Remember, it is extremely dangerous to antagonize the
powers that be in this age of EJKS in the Philippines.
It is highly probable that Charlie Mike was
the mastermind of the Rape of the Senate Independence
considering the obvious results.
Of course, we could ask Senator Pakyaw.
Q:why did you want Sen.De Lima ousted? 
A: "You know, I mean , ahh, when the shit hits the fan, I cleaned it🚽 , Utos ni Mayor, diba?"
We know for sure that Charlie Mike
inducted these 16 Pinoy senators to
the Senate Hall Of Shame on Sept. 19, 2016
There have been some FB postings (unverified) claiming
some sightings of Charlie Mike.
There have been some FB postings (unverified) claiming
some sightings of Charlie Mike.
Another unverified sighting of Charlie Mike
There was even the preposterous FB claim:
"Yes Virginia! : Charlie Mike is none other than Digong!"