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Sunday, July 31, 2016

The Five Reasons Why Bongbong Marcos Lost

"I have plenty of clever generals but just give me a lucky one". 
1) Is Bongbong Marcos a "lucky general"? 
Lucky Generals is named after the Napoleonic quote - "I have plenty of clever generals but just give me a lucky one". 
Napoleon observed that one of the key attributes in judging a general was whether the man possessed a lucky streak.  He felt that some people seemed to get better breaks than others no matter what their capabilities. 
In 1995, Marcos ran for the Senate under the NPC-led coalition, but placed only 16th. He made a second attempt for the Senate in 2010, this time securing a Senate seat by placing seventh overall. (In contrast, his father, Ferdinand Marcos was the topnotcher in the 1959 Senatorial elections).
2) The Best Woman Won!
Among other vice presidential contenders, Robredo said she’s the only one vocal about her stance against the abuses under the dictatorial regime of late strongman Ferdinand Marcos, whose son and namesake Senator Bongbong Marcos is running against her.
When asked if her anti-martial law stance became the reason her numbers have gone up since the campaign started, she answered in the affirmative.
Remember the 30, 000 Victims of Martial Law!
Rape; sexual assault; beatings; electrocution; enforced disappearances; being buried alive; shot in cold blood; hog-tied; water torture; solitary confinement; sleep deprivation.
“Mukhang sa aming lahat, ako lang yung very vocal about martial law. ‘Yung sa akin, hindi naman personal ‘yon about Bongbong, pero para sa akin, yung martial law kasi isang issue na I feel strongly about,” she said in an interview in Balayan Municipality.
Robredo said the assassination of democracy icon and former Senator Benigno Aquino Jr., who was a staunch critic of the older Marcos, sparked her and her late husband Jesse Robredo’s political awakening.
“Kaming mag asawa parehas kaming umuwi sa Naga because of the Edsa (revolution). Pareho kaming na-inspire na maglingkod sa gobyerno. Hindi pa kami magkakilala at that time pero from the (Aquino’s) assassination until Edsa, active kami sa street protests kaya sa akin, ramdam na ramdam ko yung paghingi ng hustisya ng lahat ng biktima ng martial law, kaya very vocal ako doon kasi ‘yon ang umpisa. Nagumpisa ako sa struggle na ‘yon. Hindi pwedeng 30 years after kakalimutan na lang ‘yon,” she said.
"Ver, Marcos and the rest of the official family plunged the country into two decades of lies, torture, and plunder."
From former Singapore Prime Minister Lee Kuan Yew’s book “From Third World to First”
3) "Bongbong, you owe the country an apology for the Marcos misdeeds!" Leni Robredo
Criticisms have been leveled at Marcos for being unapologetic for human rights violations and ill-gotten wealth during his father's administration.
On February 2016, Marcos answered his critics by stating:
“Ipaubaya natin ang kasaysayan sa mga propesor, sa mga nag-aaral tungkol sa kasaysayan ng Pilipinas. Kami hindi namin trabaho yun. Ang trabaho namin ay tingnan kung ano ba ang pangangailangan ng taong bayan ngayon.” (Let us leave history to the professors, to those who study the history of the Philippines. It is not our job. Our job is to look at what the people need at present.)
In response, over 500 faculty, staff and history professors from Ateneo de Manila University released the following statement:
"In response to Ferdinand “Bongbong” Romualdez Marcos, Jr.’s call that teachers and students of history should make a judgment about the Marcos administration, we, the undersigned members of the Ateneo de Manila community, vehemently oppose and condemn the ongoing willful distortion of our history. We deplore the shameless refusal to acknowledge the crimes of the Martial Law regime. We reject the revision of history, disturbing vision of the future, and shallow call for “unity” being presented by Marcos Jr. and like-minded candidates in the 2016 elections.
"The Marcos regime’s economics of debt-driven growth was disastrous for the Philippines. The regime was not interested in inclusive development, long-term state-building, nor genuine social transformation of the country, despite its “New Society” rhetoric. Instead, Marcos was mainly concerned with perpetuating his personal hold on power by favoring family members, friends, and other cronies. Thus, Marcos simply created new elites or “oligarchs” rather than abolish them -- supposedly one of his main justifications for declaring martial law. Those who dared challenge the regime’s monopoly on power, whether politicians, business people, political activists, organized labor, peasants or urban poor, Church workers, students -- young or old, rich or poor -- were intimidated, imprisoned, kidnapped, tortured or summarily executed.
"We refuse to forget the atrocities committed by the Marcos regime, and we renew our demand that the perpetrators of these crimes be brought to justice. We also reiterate our position that the government should relentlessly pursue and reclaim all the ill-gotten wealth accumulated by the Marcos family and its cronies. Moreover, victims and their families should be given justice and compensation in full. Any call for unity, most especially from the heirs of the Marcos regime which bitterly divided the country, will be empty and meaningless unless truth and justice are upheld."
To this, Marcos replied: "...people have their own opinion; they have the right to their opinion. We'll agree to disagree, I guess."
On March 7, 2016, more than 1,400 Catholic Schools through the Catholic Educational Association of the Philippines (CEAP) joined the call of the Ateneo faculty through a statement titled "CEAP Supports Call Against Marcosian Snares and Imeldific Lies." In it, they stated:
“The Trustees of the Catholic Educational Association of the Philippines, representing the 1,425 CEAP member-schools, colleges, and universities, support the faculty of the Ateneo de Manila University in their call against the attempt of Ferdinand Marcos Jr to canonize the harrowing horrors of martial rule.
“With the same fervor, we cry our hearts out, ‘Never Again!’”
On March 28, 2016, the Department of History of the University of the Philippines released a statement entitled "MALAKAS AT MAGANDA: Marcos Reign, Myth-Making and Deception in History".
"Great danger now lurks behind a deceptive nostalgia for a past that never really existed--that the Marcos years were a period of peace and prosperity. This is patently Marcos myth and deception. Under martial law, the country was plunged into a climate of repression and plunder and then into a social crisis that exploded in the 1980s.
" was in fact under martial law that the communist and Moro rebellions grew in leaps and bounds. Marcos claimed to break up an old oligarchy, but martial law instead created a new type under his control, a crony oligarchy.
"Economic crises characterized the Marcos years, as economists have consistently revealed, the most telling indicator was the extent of poverty. Poverty incidence grew from 41% in the 1960s to 59% in the 1980s. Vaunted growth was far from inclusive and driven by debt, which further weighed down on the nation. From 1970 to 1983, foreign debt increased twelve times and reached $20 billion (Dr. Manuel Montes, 1984). It grew at anaverage rate of 25% from 1970 to 1981. Much went to unproductive expenses like the Bataan Nuclear Plant, which was unsound and wasteful.
To say then that EDSA interrupted our becoming like Singapore is a big joke, a malicious lie.
"We reject deception and demand accountability!"
From Wikipedia
4) DUTERTE/MARCOS :The WORST Possible Combination for the Philippines!
From Philippine Star:
Presidential bet Rodrigo Duterte said if he is elected president and fails to stop criminality in three months, he will resign and give the presidency to Sen. Ferdinand Marcos Jr.
“If elected president, give me about three to six months I will get rid of corruption, drugs and criminality,” Duterte said.
However, he admitted that he needs everyone’s cooperation in order to achieve this goal.
“They say my timeline is ambitious, you know if I am already president, in the third month I am sitting there as president and I fail because nobody believes me, I really cannot do it even if you give me 10 years of rule.
“Eh mabuti magsibat na lang kayo, or ako. Kung hindi ko magawa 'yan sa tatlong buwan e 'di ibigay ko na lang kay Bongbong (If I fail in three months, better leave the country or I will step down and give the presidency to Bongbong),” Duterte said.
5) BongBong Marcos: YOU lied!
Bongbong Marcos :Senate Biography/Resume
Born on September 13, 1957, Bongbong is the second child of former President Ferdinand Edralin Marcos and former First Lady and incumbent Congresswoman Imelda Romualdez Marcos of the 2nd District of Ilocos Norte. He studied elementary in De La Salle College, finished his secondary education in Worth School in England, and earned his bachelor's degree in Political Science, Philosophy and Economics from the Oxford University in 1978. He obtained his Masters in Business Administration from the Wharton School of Business.
Asked by a reporter whether he earned a bachelor’s degree or a diploma from Oxford, Marcos replied, “I got a diploma. 
What do you get when you graduate? You get a diploma.”
 "We can confirm that a Ferdinand Marcos matriculated at the University of Oxford in 1975 to read for a BA in Philosophy, Philosophy and Economics. According to our records, he did not complete his degree, but was awarded a special diploma in Social Studies in 1978."