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Duterte's China's Sell-Out- He Forgot The Painful Lessons Of Sri Lanka ?

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Monday, March 28, 2016

Duterte Death Squads: “Son of a bitch. This is not the one.” DDS

"If I obey the 10 Commandments or listen to priests, I would not be able to do anything as a mayor." DoDirty 
Duterte has projected the image of an action-oriented, results-driven executive who can address people’s fears about an environment perceived as dominated by criminal elements. In the process, he has broadly, almost boastfully hinted that he had indeed ignored human rights and legal norms, enforcing the law by violating the law.
Philippine Daily Inquirer
Perhaps, Duterte might not have done any killing himself, though he may suggest even this to burnish the Dirty Harry brand. But as mayor, he had people ready and eager to follow his orders. As president, he would have even more people to do his bidding.
According to a newspaper report, Duterte said that, as president, he would allow policemen on duty to kill criminals and would protect them against charges of human rights violations. He also said that the policemen would “go first, should they commit wrongdoings.” He referred to three rogue policemen who were recently killed, but “did not directly respond to the question if he was the one who killed the police officers.”
Duterte is not infallible. Neither are the subordinates on whose information he depends. The execution of policemen who make mistakes offers small comfort to families of the victims. People will make mistakes, but these should not lead to irreversible consequences. Summary executions permit no room to appeal possibly erroneous decisions.
The issue is whether the police should have the power to execute people they arrest on the basis of their suspicions, without due process of law. And, whether mayor or president should have the power, by direct order or by insinuation and promise of protection, to effect these executions.
A future president accustomed to act with impunity places everyone on a slippery slope. Where would Duterte draw the line on crimes he can punish without regard for constitutionally guaranteed human rights? Philippine Daily Inquirer
But consider for a moment the possibility that you, yes you dear reader, have incurred the ire of someone who has the ear of Duterte and that someone spreads the lie that you are a murderer, a rapist, a drug lord, or whatever it is that gets the juices of Duterte going.
Philippine Star
 The real problem comes when it is not a knock on the door that comes but a kick that busts the door open. What happens to your family? Have you amply provided for them? The legal system has many infirmities and failures. For the most part it may not even be working. But the small part of it that works is enough to give us a fair shake. Better than descending into the rule of the jungle. The Philippine Star
WARNING : "Duterte can become the Filipino Commandante Hugo Chavez." Chairman Joma Sison
Communist Party of the Philippines founder Jose Maria Sison has officially endorsed Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte for the 2016 presidential elections.
“Son of a bitch. This is not the one.” 
From HumanRights Watch
“YOU can die anytime!” 
At around 6 p.m. on July 17, 2008, 20-year-old Jaypee Larosa left his home in Lanang, a quiet residential neighborhood in Davao City, to go to a nearby Internet cafe. An hour later his family heard six successive gunshots. A neighbor rushed into their house to say one of their sons had been shot in front of the café. Jaypee was taken to a hospital, but was declared dead on arrival.
Eyewitnesses said that Larosa had been shot by three men in dark jackets who had arrived on a motorcycle. After they shot him, one of them removed the baseball cap Larosa was wearing and said, “Son of a bitch. This is not the one,” and they immediately left the scene. It appears that the assailants were seeking to kill another man, a suspected robber. No one has been arrested for Larosa’s murder. His family is unaware of the police having taken any meaningful action in the case.
Jaypee Larosa is just one of hundreds of victims of unresolved targeted killings committed over the past decade in Davao City and elsewhere in the Philippines. Dozens of family members have described to Human Rights Watch the murder of their loved ones, all killed in similar fashion. 
When the DoDirty Death Squad (DDS) Came...
When they came for drug  addicts
I remained silent,
I wasn't a drug addict.
When they came for street children
I remained silent
I wasn't a street kid.
MINORS ARE TARGET, TOO: Gunmen shot dead this boy in a crowded street in Davao City, Southern Philippines. Like many other dozens of killings perpetrated by gunmen riding on motorcycle, this boy’s murder too, was on pretext he had been involved in criminal activity.
When  they killed the gang suspects
I remained silent
I felt safer.
When they became bolder and bolder
I remained silent
I wasn't their political opponent.
When they killed innocent people
I remained silent,
I wasn't from Davao.
When they cursed the Pope
I remained silent,
I wasn't a Catholic!
When they came for me
There was no else to speak out!