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Duterte's China's Sell-Out- He Forgot The Painful Lessons Of Sri Lanka ?

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Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Leni Robledo: “Baka bigyan ko muna si Duterte ng gender sensitivity training at anger management training. "

"I do not also subscribe the style of her leadership. Tabla lang kami -- she does not like me, I do not like her, so no problem," Duterte told reporters in Davao City.
“Nakakalungkot iyon para sa ating mga kababaihan dahil parang niyuyurakan ang ating dignidad. Iyong hindi kinakahiya iyong mga violations laban sa mga kababaihan parang nakakatakot iyon para sa isang leader”
Leni Robredo 
 “Baka bigyan ko muna si Duterte ng gender sensitivity training at anger management training. "
Leni Robredo
Many are asking what my credentials are and what I can do for the Philippines,” he said when he spoke. “They are telling me that they heard I am a womanizer. That is true. That is very true.”
Two wives
Of his two wives, he said: “I have a wife who is sick. Then I have a second wife, who is from Bulacan.”
He said his second wife worked as a nurse in the United States and that she got pregnant after his frequent trips to that country, when he was still a congressman.
“I have two girlfriends. One is working as a cashier and the other works for a cosmetics store at a mall. The one working at the cosmetics store is younger. The other one is older but more beautiful.”From Inquirer
From ABS-CBN News
MANILA - Following Camarines Sur Rep. Leni Robredo's comment that she does not subscribe to the mailed-fist rule of Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte, the presidential aspirant on Sunday said he is no fan of the lawmaker's leadership.
"I do not also subscribe the style of her leadership. Tabla lang kami -- she does not like me, I do not like her, so no problem," Duterte told reporters in Davao City.
The feisty mayor did not expound on his statement.
Robredo said Friday that Naga City was able to equal the progress of Davao City without employing harsh methods in curbing criminality.
"We achieved the same results in Naga... 'yung peace and order, 'yung discipline among the people... we achieved the same things without that kind of attitude," Robredo said in an interview with The Philippine STAR.
"It may have worked in Davao and in many other places... but based on experience we were able to achieve the same results without resorting to those things," she added.
Robredo's husband, the late Interior Secretary Jesse Robredo, served as Naga's mayor for 19 years, from 1988 to 1998 and from 2001 to 2010.
In 1999, Naga City was cited as one of the most improved cities in Asia. The late mayor was awarded the Ramon Magsaysay Award for Government Service in 2000.
The widow earlier said that her vice presidential bid in 2016 is aimed at continuing the "tsinelas leadership" of her husband. The term was coined after the late Cabinet member was seen wearing slippers, an act interpreted by his supporters as humility.
Camarines Sur Rep. Leni Robredo believes Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte should undergo gender sensitivity and anger management trainings if he becomes the next president of the country.
Robredo said Wednesday she would like Duterte to receive some coaching on how to treat women and manage his temper should she become the vice president under a Duterte administration.
“Baka bigyan ko muna siya ng gender sensitivity training at anger management training. Human rights lawyer ako,” she said during the launch of the Women for Leni Movement.
“Baka pag nangyari iyon [na naging pangulo siya], kailanganin niya muna 'yun (training),” the lawmaker added.
Robredo, administration standard bearer Manuel “Mar” Roxas II’s running mate, said it would be “dangerous” for a president to have a problem with his temper since it could affect the country.
“‘Yung anger management, 'pag tayo hindi natin alam kung paano idi-deal ang ating galit at dinadaan natin iyon sa karahasan, napakadelikado noon para sa ating lipunan,” she said.
Even months before declaring his presidential bid, Duterte already caught the public’s attention with his colorful language and penchant for cursing even during his public appearances.
The mayor has vowed to lessen his use of swear words and donate P1,000 to charity each time he breaks his promise after he drew flak for cursing Pope Francis for the traffic caused by his visit to Manila last January.
Aside from airing her wariness over Duterte’s temper flareups, Robredo expressed sadness over the mayor’s seeming pride in flaunting his womanizing ways and his seemingly derogatory treatment of women.
“Nakakalungkot iyon para sa ating mga kababaihan dahil parang niyuyurakan ang ating dignidad. Iyong hindi kinakahiya iyong mga violations laban sa mga kababaihan parang nakakatakot iyon para sa isang leader,” she said.
Robredo said a leader should be a good role model since his actions could be emulated by the public. GMA News
Singer Kitchie Nadal has reacted strongly to the recent confession of presidential candidate Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte about having a second wife and two other girlfriends.
In an event with his supporters called “Mad for Change” last November 29, Duterte confessed, “May asawa ako, may cancer. May pangalawang asawa ako... May dalawa pa akong girlfriends. O, totoo.”
Duterte's statement divided his supporters; some have vowed to stay on, others have turned away. 
The general reaction ranged from shock to scorn to dismay.
In all appearances, Kitchie counts among those who were turned off by Mayor Duterte's confession.
The singer-songwriter reminded voters about marital laws that Duterte should follow on her Facebook status last December 2.
She wrote, “Womanizing [not womanizers] has to be condemned and not condoned.
“This is a serious problem in our country for many generations and the reason why our country has become MATRIARCHAL—mothers have to take all the responsibility of raising whole family, while the husbands womanize with society’s quiet approval.”
“It has become part of our culture to think that our leaders’ 'private lives' have no lasting impact in society, when the reality is that followers and constituents emulate and follow the lead of their leaders.
“If ever you are thinking of voting for Mayor Duterte (and I include myself), we should keep in mind that men and women should uphold marital laws as seriously as criminal laws, because family is the very foundation of our society.”
Kitchie also stressed that a presidential candidate like Duterte should at least respect the law.
“We should follow these laws for the sake of our children, mothers, and wives – and that means every one of us – because their violation would lead to social chaos.
“Mayor Duterte, with all due respect, If you cannot follow these marital laws for your family, at least respect these laws for the rest of the families of our nation by upholding them still, like how you want us to sacrifice and respect other laws you are upholding no matter how hard it will be for many.”
In anticipation of negative reactions to her FB status, Nadal told her followers: “Naiintindihan ko yung hinaing ninyo para sa bansa.
“Kung gusto nyo talaga ng #‎pagbabago, simulan nyo sa pagbibigay respeto sa mga comments ninyo. Hindi puro yabang.
“Please lang, hindi ako nanay ninyo para lecturan kayo at ipaala ng pag galang sa kapwa. Gawin nating itong productive alang lang sa bansa." From PEP
From Inquirer
A women’s group slammed Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte, saying “womanizing and flaunting it is an affront to women.”
Gabriela Partylist issued the statement after Duterte, in a no-holds barred speech on Sunday, admitted that he does not only have two wives but two girlfriends as well.
The tough-talking mayor admitted that when he was younger, he would spend the whole night with his girlfriends, but since he had grown older, he could spend only “short time.”
“Womanizing and treating women as objects is an affront to women and it is not something that should be flaunted,” Rep. Emmie de Jesus of Gabriela Partylist said in a statement on Tuesday.
“This reeks of machismo, reinforces the society’s low regard of women and consequently increases women’s vulnerability to violence and abuse,” de Jesus said.
The lawmaker said this is “both distasteful and unacceptable.”
Gabriela called on candidates in the 2016 elections “to refrain from making statements and committing acts that are offensive to women.”
“Those setting their sights on ruling the country must impose upon themselves, the highest standards towards uplifting society’s views on women and helping ensure the protection of women from abuse,” de Jesus said.
Gabriela “urged Duterte and other candidates to delve into platforms and discuss women’s and people’s issues rather than employ derogatory statements and actions that malign women.”