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“How shall freedom be defended? By arms when it is attacked by arms, by truth when it is attacked by lies, by faith when it is attacked by authoritarian dogma. Always, in the final act, by determination and faith.” ― Archibald MacLeish

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“How shall freedom be defended? By arms when it is attacked by arms, by truth when it is attacked by lies, by faith when it is attacked by authoritarian dogma. Always, in the final act, by determination and faith.”

― Archibald MacLeish

Saturday, November 14, 2015

Grace Poe: "It’s a major issue that you’re running for President and yet at one point in your life, you renounced your Filipino citizenship.” Leni Robredo

Don't flip flop on citizenship! 
"The citizenship issue is not just a technicality for someone seeking the presidency.This is not about her being a foundling." 
Ah, ok, you are a natural born citizen. 
But answer these basic questions:
Puwede ba maging Pangulo ng Pilipinas ang isang tao na nagtakwil sa sariling bayan? 
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The Test of Good Citizenship is Loyalty to the Country
"I hereby declare, on oath, that I absolutely and entirely renounce and abjure all allegiance and fidelity to any foreign prince, potentate, state, or sovereignty of whom or which I have heretofore been a subject or citizen; that I will support and defend the Constitution and laws of the United States of America ...
Why did you renounce Philippine citizenship in the first place?
 Grace Poe spent much of her adult life in the United States. She returned to the Philippines after learning that her father, who ran in a disputed presidential election in 2004, died later that year.
Following her father's death, Poe permanently returned to the Philippines, where she started getting involved in politics. From Wikipedia
From Inquirer:
It’s more of a moral issue than a legal one, Camarines Sur representative and vice presidential contender Leni Robredo said of the citizenship controversy hounding Sen. Grace Poe’s presidential run.
She also described questions about Poe’s citizenship as a “major issue,” and one that should not be compared to the situation of overseas Filipino workers (OFWs) and other migrants who have decided to settle in foreign lands.
“Filipinos working abroad are not running for President,” Robredo said bluntly during a round-table discussion with Inquirer reporters, editors and columnists on Thursday night.
“For me, it’s a major issue that you’re running for President and yet at one point in your life, you renounced your Filipino citizenship,” Robredo, who is a lawyer, said.
The Camarines Sur representative however downplayed the issue of Poe being a foundling, another issue that several quarters had raised in a bid to disqualify the senator from public office.
Bigger issue
Not knowing her true parentage—a decisive factor in determining whether Poe was a natural-born Filipino citizen or not—should not take precedence over the senator’s decision to swear allegiance to the United States as a citizen, Robredo said.
“The issue of renunciation (of her Filipino citizenship) is a bigger issue for me because … at one point in (Poe’s) life, (she) turned (her) back on us,” she added.
That also makes the citizenship controversy “a moral issue more than a legal issue,” Robredo said. “Of course there’s a legal issue, but that has to be settled in court,” she added.
Robredo said it was important to determine the actual date of Poe’s renunciation of her American citizenship, noting that it wasn’t clear if it should be on the day of application, or on the date of registration in the records of the US State Department.
The widow of the late Interior Secretary Jesse Robredo and running mate of Liberal Party standard-bearer Mar Roxas said the principle of animus revertendi may be used against Poe in blocking her presidential bid.
A legal concept, animus revertendi refers to a candidate’s intent to return to his or her residence during a period of time.
Robredo said Poe’s case may be similar to former Mayor Rommel Arnado of Kauswagan, Lanao del Norte province, who was disqualified by the Supreme Court after he was found to have used his American passport even after he had renounced his US citizenship.
“You cannot invoke animus revertendi when you still use your US passport because you had a choice,” Robredo said. 
Why were you using American passports AFTER your renunciation of American citizenship?
From GMA News:
Traveling to the Philippines reportedly 21 times using her US passport as late as 2009 could hurt Senator Grace Poe's chances of  qualifying to run for higher office next year.
Former University of the East law dean Amado Valdez said Poe's use of a US passport as late as 2009 was "indicative" that she still does not consider the Philippines her domicile at the time.
"Na-lose niya ang Philippine citizenship niya noong nag-American citizen siya. She lost her residency when she established permanent residence in the US," Valdez told GMA News Online.
"This is considering that she renounced her Filipino citizenship [when she moved to the US and acquired citizenship there], unlike Imelda," said Valdez in a text message, referring to a 1995 Supreme Court ruling that allowed the former First Lady to run for a post in Leyte despite her long absence there.
Domicile is defined as the "permanent home, the place to which, whenever absent for business or pleasure, one intends to return, and depends on the facts and circumstances, in the sense that they disclose intent."
Former UP law dean Pacifico Agabin meanwhile said Poe's residency in the Philippines should "presumably" start in 2010, given that she was still using her US passport a year before that. It was in 2010 that Poe said she had renounced her US citizenship so she could be appointed to the Movie and Television Review and Classification Board (MTRCB).
Agabin had said the 10-year residency rule for those aspiring for the highest posts of the land should be followed because it was "explicitly" stated in the Constitution.
The Daily Tribune reported that based on immigration logs it has obtained, Poe has traveled to and from the Philippines at least 21 times using her US passport.
The newspaper said arrival logs showed Poe arriving to the Philippines using a US passport on Nov. 9, 2003; Dec. 13, 2004; September 2005; March 11, 2006; July 5, 2006; July 23, 2007; Oct. 5, 2008; May 21,2009; and Aug. 3, 2009.
Poe also used her US passport for her departures on July 2, 2006; July 26, 2006; Sept. 11, 2006; Nov. 1, 2006; Oct. 31,2007; April 20, 2009; July 31,2009 and Dec. 27,2009, aboard Philippine Airlines Flight 112.
The Bureau of Immigration (BI) has refused to confirm or deny the authenticity of the travel records, stressing that members of the media inquiring about the issue are "not concerned parties" and that travel records of Poe are "not being checked."
Valdez insisted the determination of Poe's residency in the Philippines should commence on the time of the renunciation of her American citizenship. Acquiring a foreign citizenship would be indicative of her intent to abandon her former domicile, which is the Philippines and transfer it to the US, he added.
Also, he said that whenever Poe would travel, the assumption of her intent to return to her domicile would be in the United States and not in the Philippines.
He was earlier quoted as saying Poe lost her credibility when the travel logs, showing her trips using a US passport, were discovered even before she could clarify the issue on her residency.
“She kept on saying she is qualified to run for president in 2016 and she would meet the residency requirement but these documents would prove she is not qualified as per her residency status,” Valdez was quoted in a newspaper report.
"Using her American passport until Dec. 27, 2009, as shown in the Bureau of Immigration log on her travels to and from the Philippines, Sen. Grace Poe-Llamanzares may have lost her opportunity to shed light on her residency issue herself," he added.
Your husband & children are American citizens. If elected president, isn't that a nat'l security issue? 
Do you believe in your heart of hearts that you can take the Philippine presidential oath of office after all your citizenship flip-flops ???
“ Ako si_______________, ay taimtim kong pinanunumpaan (o pinatotohanan) na tutuparin ko nang buong katapatan at sigasig ang aking mga tungkulin bilang Pangulo (o Pangalawang Pangulo o Nanunungkulang Pangulo) ng Pilipinas, pangangalagaan at ipagtatanggol ang kanyang Konstitusyon, ipatutupad ang mga batas nito, magiging makatarungan sa bawat tao, at itatalaga ang aking sarili sa paglilingkod sa Bansa. Kasihan nawa ako ng Diyos."