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“How shall freedom be defended? By arms when it is attacked by arms, by truth when it is attacked by lies, by faith when it is attacked by authoritarian dogma. Always, in the final act, by determination and faith.” ― Archibald MacLeish

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“How shall freedom be defended? By arms when it is attacked by arms, by truth when it is attacked by lies, by faith when it is attacked by authoritarian dogma. Always, in the final act, by determination and faith.”

― Archibald MacLeish

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

The EQualizer Post endorses Mar Roxas for president of the Philippines in 2016.

Filipinos must realize that we need two consecutive good Presidents in order to take off. The 2016 presidential election is therefore very crucial. Are we going to elect an honest president again? Or  are we going back to our old ways of electing a popular "trapo" candidate? 
In 2009,we said in the EQ Post Endorsement of P.Noy," We need a president of impeccable integrity. We need a candidate who will not steal from us, who will not lie to us, who will not disrespect us and who will not betray our trust." The EQ Post
We are restating our belief that the country cannot have another Corrupt TRAPO! 
We need two CONSECUTIVE GOOD PRESIDENTS!  We need a president of impeccable integrity. We need a candidate who will not steal from us, who will not lie to us, who will not disrespect us and who will not betray our trust.
Why not the BEST?
The Equalizer Post endorses Mar Roxas for president 
and Leni Robredo for Vice President in 2016.
After Marcos, Arroyo & Erap, Do Pinoys Want A TRAPO In Malacanang In 2016?
Warning to Pinoys: Vote Grace Poe, Get ChiZ Escudero as co-president?
What will happen when you step down? Will that be the end of good, honest governance? Will we have reached the end of the straight and righteous path?" 
P. Noy
His resume:
Wharton School of Economics. University of Pennsylvania (1979)
Investment Banker in New York. (1979-1986) Became an assistant vice president of the New York-based Allen & Company
Congressman representing the 1st District of Capiz (1993-2000) Became Majority Leader of the House of Representatives.
Roxas Law. Ensured fair distribution of the education capital budget among all the provinces. This started his advocacy for fair and equitable access to education, free from regional bias and political patronage considerations
Public Employment Service Offices. RA 8759 (Public Employment Service Act of 1999) improved the employment facilitation machinery of the government especially on the local level by serving as a hub for job opportunities within regions.
Compensation to displaced residents and local governments. RA 8748 (Act Amending the Special Economic Zone Act of 1995) afforded local governments greater fiscal autonomy and gave displaced local residents due compensation by providing for the direct allocation to the municipality or city of 2% (out of the 5%) gross tax to be collected from the establishments operating in the eco-zone
Encouraging MNCs to establish Philippine Regional Offices. RA 8756 (Act Amending the Omnibus Investments Code of 1987) incentivized the establishment of regional headquarters to encourage investment and operation of multinational companies in the country to generate more jobs.
“Father of the Call Center and Business Process Outsourcing Industries”. Launched the “Make IT Philippines” project and organized the first IT-enabled services (ITES) road show to the US, which drew the biggest global industry names to invest in the country, and pioneered the establishment of high-technology industry centers and the promotion of the business process outsourcing (BPO) market in the Philippines, thereby creating hundreds of thousands of jobs and investment inflow.
Regulating the Pre-Need Industry. Senate Bill No. 105 (Pre-Need Industry Act of 2007) addressed the absence of a statute that regulates the pre-need industry and governed the operations of firms which issue or sell pre-need plans or similar contracts and investments.
Affordable Medicines. Senate Bill No. 101 (Law on Patents, Tradenames and Trademarks) amended the Intellectual Property Code of the Philippines to eventually make way for the Universally Accessible Cheaper Quality Medicines Act which lowered the prices of medicines through increased competition among drug companies and by providing the government with better policy tools to significantly influence the supply and demand of medicines.
Champion of E-Services. Honored by E-Services Philippines with the E-Champion Award recognizing his pioneering efforts and leadership in making the Philippines a popular outsourcing destination of choice. (2007)
The EQ Poem Based 100% On Mar Roxas' Quotes
“Bayan bago ang sarili.” 
Kakambal na ng dugo namin ang kaisipang ito. 
May obligasyon kang magsilbi; 
unahin mo ang kolektibo kaysa personal.

Binibigkis tayo ng ating mga pangarap. 
 Ang pangarap ko sa pangarap ng bawat Pilipino; 
I wish for people only what I would wish for myself. 
After all, who are we if not our dreams?

Sino ba naman ang hindi nangangarap ng buhay 
na maginhawa at may dignidad? 
Na kapag nagutom ka, may isusubo ka. 
Kapag nagsikap ka, aasenso ka.

 Ang mga pangarap na ito ay kayang maabot.
 Kailangan lang ang isang gobyernong
  tumutotoo sa sinumpaang tungkulin nito; 
Propesyunal, hindi transaksyunal. 

Ang hanap natin talaga 
Continuity sa prinsipyo, sa integridad,
 sa malasakit at katapatan—
sa pag-una ng bayan bago ang sarili.

We are a serious people 
who are serious with our dreams, 
We  know now what selfless leadership can achieve.
Ito ang nasimulan natin sa Daang Matuwid. 

Do we build on the achievements of the present,  
Do we go from strength to strength, 
or do we once again kick the can down the road, 
perpetually mired in a cycle of botched momentum ? 

If we are to achieve bigger dreams, 
then the next administration will have to dare even more. 
But, if we  maintain the ideals of Daang Matuwid
 our daring can only yield the fulfillment of our aspirations.

This is about our dream and our hope
Ang ating pangarap na may saysay ang ating pagsisilbi; 
na maiwan natin sa mas magandang kalagayan 
kaysa nadatnan ang ating mga komunidad. 

Na matapos ang ating panahon sa panunungkulan, 
masasabi ng mga kababayan natin, 
 "Guminhawa ang aming buhay, 
kumpara sa kung saan kami nagsimula.” 

Global Pinoys: We need two consecutive GOOD, HONEST Presidents! After a P.Noy, we need Mar! Let's not stop progress!
The Philippines has notched the fastest growth since the 1970s and avoided the emerging-markets meltdown. Can the next president keep the momentum going?
The biggest wild card in the Philippines is May’s presidential election. Aquino, 55, can’t run again because of the nation’s six-year term limit. His protégé, former Interior Secretary Mar Roxas, is sparring with Vice President Jejomar Binay over Aquino’s record. Candidates will file their intentions to run next week. Roxas, a member of the ruling Liberal Party, has pledged to continue Aquino’s anti-poverty, anti-corruption agenda. Roxas announced Oct. 4 that Aquino's party had chosen Leni Robredo,  a first-term lawmaker and widow of a former interior secretary, as its candidate for vice president.
Binay’s United Nationalist Alliance counters that growth has benefited only a few, and a quarter of Filipinos remain poor. “The lack of inclusive growth despite rapid economic development reflects the administration’s emphasis on short-term, Band-Aid solutions,” says Eufracia Taylor, Asia analyst at risk-consulting firm Verisk Maplecroft. Senator Grace Poe, an independent who announced her intention to run on Sept. 16, leads in opinion polls, with Roxas second and Binay third in one third-quarter tally. “The elections bring political uncertainty,” Salvador says. “You’ll never know when investor confidence will fizzle out.”
Aquino, the son of pro-democracy politicians, has helped lift a nation weighed down by military rule, widespread corruption, and domination by the landed elite. His mother, Corazon Aquino, led opposition to dictator Ferdinand Marcos after the 1983 assassination of her husband, former senator Benigno Aquino Jr. She went on to become president in 1986. During Aquino III’s term, former President Gloria Arroyo and three senators were arrested and imprisoned for graft. They have all denied the charges in court. The trials of Arroyo and two senators are ongoing and one has been suspended.
Aquino has recouped unpaid taxes and used the money to fund roads and schools. Internal revenue collection in 2012 exceeded 1 trillion pesos for the first time, a 14 percent increase from the previous year. Net foreign direct investment reached a high of $6.2 billion last year, almost four times the level in 2010. This year, outflows have increased, however, with overseas investors withdrawing a net $1.24 billion from Philippine shares from April through August, a five-month record.
To help rural residents, Aquino has allocated 339 billion pesos for agriculture in the five years through 2015, about as much as the three previous administrations spent in 17 years. Funds for education increased 23 percent in 2013, a sum that let the government eliminate a backlog of 66,800 classrooms and 146,000 teachers.
To keep the Philippines growing, the new president will have to tackle Manila’s strained infrastructure. During most of the day, the metro area’s main highway is a giant parking lot. Commuters endure long lines before elbowing into decrepit elevated trains that often stall. Transit woes cost 876 billion pesos in lost productivity each year, according to the Japan International Cooperation Agency. That sum could more than double to 2.19 trillion pesos by 2030, the JICA says.