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Thursday, July 16, 2015

EQ Post Investigation: Do you know Jejomar Binay's 10 Worst-Kept Secrets?

1) Secret: He will NOT be the poster boy of the "Huwag Ka Magnakaw!" campaign, the anti-corruption and anti-thievery campaign of the Archdiocese of Manila
2) Secret: He will NOT declare "Honesty is the Best Policy"
as his personal motto.
3) Secret: Binay hates the blockbuster movie "FROZEN"
According to Senadora Nancy, they can explain the accounts being questioned by the AMLC.
"Sa 25 years na pagtatrabaho, eto ang pumasok -- P643 million in a span of 25 years. Kasama pa dito ang mga nakuhang campaign funding," she said.
4) Secret:Do you know he has a magic piggy bank?
"May alkansya nga ‘yun,  nag iipon ‘yun ng coins (I think he has because he is quite thrifty. He has a piggybank and he saves even the coins).” Nancy Binay
5) Secret : Do you know pest control  (anti-ANAY) may be
a good business for the Binays one day?
6) Secret: Do you know Binay has more experience
in "creative" finance management than Grace?
Vice President Jejomar Binay received 13 percent kickback from every contract for projects entered into by the Makati City government during his incumbency as mayor, former Vice Mayor Ernesto Mercado told the Senate blue ribbon subcommittee. 
During the hearing, Mercado said the 13 percent is divided into three portions — one for Mayor Junjun Binay, Binay's son who was then a councilor; another for a certain Ebeng, supposedly Binay’s assistant; and another for Gerry Limlingan, Binay’s finance officer.
He said he personally delivered the money to the three men.
Binay, a strong contender in the 2016 presidential elections, and his son have been named respondents in a plunder complaint in connection with the alleged overpricing in the construction of the Makati City Hall Building II.
Mercado said Binay received some P52 million, in Phase One alone.  The questioned building was built in five phases.
“Hindi po cash na buo yung P52 million kasi depende kung ilang beses naniningil ang contractor. Hindi naman po porke P400 million yung contract ng Hilmarc’s sa Phase 1 nakukuha na agad ang pera, hindi naman po masisingil ng Hilmarc’s nang buong P400 million. Maaring nasingil yan ng dalawa, tatlo, o apat na beses,” he said. From GMA News
7) Secret: “Si Gerry Limlingan ay tinatago  ni Vice President.”  
Senador Trillanes 
Gerry Limlingan is NOT missing. He is in hiding. 
But his life could be in danger. He knows too much. 
Warning to Vice BINAY:If something happens to "Deep Throat" (Gerry Simpao Limlingan),YOU will be a person of interest in the case! The EQPOST
8) Secret: Don Antonio Tiu is NOT the real owner 
of Hacienda Binay!
Don Antonio Tiu:
Permit us to quote the much respected Inquirer columnist,  Solita Monsod:"The summary of events as I see them: Binay owns the Rosario property. Tiu’s actions—his failure to do real due diligence, his inconsistencies, his cavalier treatment of the property that he claims he owns/leases/can use exclusively—indicate that he is merely holding the property until Binay wants it again, or is holding the property for Binay to use." Your viewpoint please.

The EQ Post
9) Secret:Do you know that Binay's enormous wealth did not come from his salary all these years as a government official?
BINAYaran Politics pays well! His salary as VP and as mayor previously could not possibly lead to an accumulated wealth of P643 million in a span of 25 years.
  • Sa 25 years na pagtatrabaho, eto ang pumasok -- P643 million in a span of 25 years. Kasama pa dito ang mga nakuhang campaign funding." Senadora Nancy said.
  • Senator Nancy Binay said the remaining balance in the five bank accounts owned by her father, Vice President Jejomar Binay, would not even reach P1 billion.
  • But asked if it would not be surprising if her father has millions of pesos in the banks, the senator said:  “I think meron, kasi medyo masinop ‘yun e. 
  • May alkansya nga ‘yun,  nag iipon ‘yun ng coins (I think he has because he is quite thrifty. He has a piggybank and he saves even the coins),” the senator added.
10) Secret: Do you know why people in general  do NOT believe 
in his solemn promise (if elected president) ?
"My people, here is my solemn promise to you: if I poured my time and knowledge to make sure that everyone in Makati partakes in its prosperity, so have I continued to do the same if elected  President of the country." 
Mr. Clean Binay