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Friday, July 11, 2014

Imelda Marcos:"You could die laughing!"

The most beautiful, the greediest and funniest 
former first lady of the Philippines!
"Bakit mayroong mga Pilipino na naninira kay Presidente at kay First Lady?  Hindi ba nila alam na kami ang Tatay at Nanay ng Bayang Pilipino? Kung kamote ang Tatay at kung kamote ang Nanay, kamote ang Pilipino! Ang kamote ay hindi nag-aanak ng kamatis." -- at the Le Baron Hotel in San Jose, California, 1985 
(Imelda's quotes from the wilyFilipino)
Head of Government: Ferdinand Marcos
Country/Term of Office: President of Philippines, 1972-86 
Allegedly Embezzled: $5 billion to $10 billion
GDP Per Capita: $912
Source: Transparency International, Global Corruption Report 2004
"For God, country and the people, all the time this was his obsession and yet this selfless man was made to look like a thief, tyrant and dictator when he was a great democrat, a patriot and a humanist." -- on Ferdinand Marcos, quoted in The South China Morning Post, March 1998
"Never dress down for the poor. They won't respect you for it. They want their First Lady to look like a million dollars." -- cited in Beatriz Romualdez Francia's Imelda: A Story of the Philippines
"Ferdinand had foresight and unbelievable luck. His success actually bordered on fiction." -- quoted in Werner Raffetseder's "Imelda and the Cash," Saga Magazine, April 1998
"I am looking like an airhead, like a frivolous, wanton, extravagant woman at the expense of the poor." Imelda
 "I am made to look like a cheap flirt, flirting with all the men of the world." -- on the documentary Imelda
"I have no weakness for shoes. I wear very simple shoes which are pump shoes. It is not one of my weaknesses."
"This is the Philippines... This is China, this is Russia... This is the east, the west. And the equator. As anyone could see, the Philippines was right at the center of the globe. I'm surprised nobody saw this. As Chairman Mao said, you can change ideologies anytime, but you can never change geography. Geopolitics! This is what will make the Philippines great and beautiful again." -- explaining her "masterplan for the country" by drawing a map of the world, quoted in Today, April 1998
"And my scientists tell me that these forces are so powerful that we can use them to protect you, our American friends, against Soviet missiles." -- on the hole in the sky where cosmic forces supposedly enter the Philippines, during a lecture to 20 American scientists in January 1982, cited in Raymond Bonner's Waltzing with a Dictator
"Why should people be afraid that we use a few small pellets of uranium at the nuclear power plant in Bataan? Don't they know that we're surrounded by uranium? We have the world's fourth largest deposits of uranium. Yes, we're all radioactive -- must be the reason why we have so many faith healers!" -- on nuclear-generated power, February 1985
It's bad enough that the Philippines is really hamburgered geographically." -- cited in Beatriz Romualdez Francia's Imelda: A Story of the Philippines
"I understand what Gaddafi is going through. He is fighting for honor. He is fighting for justice. I could not blame him, because I have been fighting too... [through] so much pain and persecution to uphold truth and honour." 
Mothering PowerPoint
From The Honolulu Advertiser
She orders one of her men in black to get the documentaries of her visit to China, "when millions lined the streets," and the one called "The Conquest of Iraq by Imelda Marcos." She also reminds him of the "Mothering PowerPoint presentation."
Using a laser pointer in the shape of a small revolver, Marcos says the foreword of "Mothering" was written by Igor R. Shafarevich, whom she calls the "greatest mathematician" of the 20th century. She says that he calls her thinking "mathematically perfect.
"I can articulate my life in 1 and 0 and infinity. Mothering is infinity, as the Lord said: `Call my mother blessed because she is the instrument of the humanity."'