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one year
#Duterte's #SONA2017 to be 'frank, hopeful'! This year's theme is "a comfortable life for all!" Ugh.

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― Archibald MacLeish

Saturday, June 7, 2014

Imelda Marcos :The Twists and Turns of Her Loves

Here Lies Love Review 
By David Byrne
Imelda (the pitch-perfect Ruthie Ann Miles) falls in love with Benigno “Ninoy” Aquino (Conrad Ricamora), a rather astonishing fact, since Aquino went on to become the major critic of the Marcos regime. She first sees him (as do we) all dressed in white, in nerdy black glasses, but lithe and magnetic, committed to healing his country. The affair ends.
From Here Lies Love
Ninoy, you were my first love
But you said I was too tall
The heart gets stronger and grows colder
For the Rose of Tacloban
According to Katherine Ellison in Imelda: Steel Butterfly of the Philippines*,  Imelda had once told Celia Laurel, “And last but not least… it’s pulverize Ninoy Aquino.”  Asked why, Imelda said that he had courted her in their youth, “but when he met this rich girl he dropped me like a hot potato.”** 
Source:Marcus Apollo
**The source is Katherine Ellison, Imelda: Steel Butterfly of the Philippines. On the Google Books preview , the pertinent paragraphs are on page 88.
(From Here Lies Love)
You play around with that woman
Didn’t you know I cared?
Walking ’round, ev’ryone can see
A sleazy cheap affair
What’s the matter with me baby?
Am I not good enough for you? 
If you prefer that slut—okay
I’ll tell you what we’ll do 
  Men will do anything
For a little piece of mind
Men will do anything
That’s how you keep them in line                   
Men will do anything
For some sweet tranquility
Men—will do anything
And there’s nothing you can do to me
Do anything that you want them to
If you leave them on their own
They’ll sign here on the dotted line
If you ignore what they have done
(From Here Lies Love)
Went to the house of Mary Lasker
Saw Matisses, Picassos, Renoirs and Gauguins
Golf course and flowers, statues and stables
I met a Whitney, Rockefeller and Brown!

And they were dancin’, dancing together
Dancin’, oh so beautifully
Dancin’, dancing together
Dancin’, oh as if in a dream
From Kyodo News
MANILA - Former Philippine first lady Imelda Marcos has not been informed about the extent of the destruction caused by super typhoon Haiyan in her former home city, Tacloban in the central Philippines, which has been hardest hit, an aide said Tuesday.
The 84-year-old "cannot be stressed" because she has just been discharged from hospital, Marcos' media relations officer Lito Gorospe told Kyodo News by phone.
I love my little people
You don’t know what it’s like
I’d rather be back in my Leyte
Back in the Quonset hut
“Hello Mr. Zeibel? Yes, my name is Jane Ryan—Mr. Saunders and I would like to make a deposit…”
"Breakfast with George Hamilton, disco with George
It must be us who truly serve!"
"When Marcos later learned what happened, he reportedly went into a rage and even threw something at Imelda..."