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Saturday, January 11, 2014

What If Pinoy Politicians were BRANDS? Buy Them?

Brand is the "name, term, design, symbol, or any other feature that identifies one seller's product distinct from those of other sellers." 

Initially, branding was adopted to differentiate one person's cattle from another's by means of a distinctive symbol burned into the animal's skin with a hot iron stamp and was subsequently used in business, marketing, and advertising. A modern example of a brand is Coca Cola which belongs to the Coca-Cola Company.

There are kinds of branding that treat individuals and organizations as the products to be branded. Personal branding treats persons and their careers as brands. From Wikipedia

Call P. Noy by any name:
Pork Barrel King
TIME Man of The Year
Brave Bald Eagle
David versus China's Bully
Hindi Magnanakaw!
Feel free to call him by whatever name (good or bad) you want. But one thing for sure, President Noynoy Aquino is the single most important Pinoy who has shaped up, for better or for worse, the events of the year 2013 in the Philippines.
The Equalizer Post, with the help of our readers, has chosen P.Noy the EQ POST "Pinoy of the Year" Awardee.
P.Noy's Secret Deodorant?
A rabid Ninoy hater: "Isinama ako doon, parang lalabas eh 'O eto si Joker he voted for acquittal pero maski he voted for acquittal binigyan namin.' Para bang deodorant ako ngayon." Joker Arroyo

Student Council President?
"Alam mo kasi sa Malacañang, ang pagtakbo ng gobyerno ay parang student government. Nag-aral tayo ng college, ng high school. Iyan ang pagtakbo (ng gobyerno). Parang student government ang government of the Philippines (You know, becauseStudent Council President? in Malacañang, the government is run like a student government. We went to college and high school. That’s how a student government is run. The Philippine government is like a student government)." Joker Arroyo
Super Asim na!  Super ePal pa!
STOP Binay's ePal
-One who likes to butt in on others 
-an "extra," like in a film but this word isn't necessarily used for that situation 
-derived from the Filipino term "papel" or "pumapel" which means one who likes to always be in the scene or be given attention in things that don't concern them.
Mr Garlic:PhotoOps!
STOP Roxas' photo-ops!
In the Philippines, it is associated with politicians who perform tasks such as visiting quickly the "scene of the crime" with the intent of photographers catching the events on film, generating positive publicity.

In the Philippines, Erap, Johnny and Jojo are better known 
as the Three Musketeers of UNA. 
Their hallmark is their common obsession: NEPOTISM.
THE UNA NO. 1 Musketeer
MANILA, Philippines—The writing on the wall is clear: Vice President Jejomar Binay is the one, true king of the United Nationalist Alliance (UNA) and should now take leadership.
“Jojo (Binay) has been deferring a lot to the two other partners (Senate President Juan Ponce Enrile and Manila Mayor Joseph Estrada) in his coalition. He should take the sole leadership at this time,” said Sen. Sergio Osmeña III.  “The Three Kings image was not effective except media kept on playing it up and placed Jojo in a corner.”
Binay’s daughter, a housewife who was running purely on the family name, had a solid showing while Estrada’s son, San Juan Rep. Joseph Victor Ejercito, barely made it to the Top 12 and Enrile’s son, Cagayan Rep. Jack Enrile, has been losing badly.
Osmeña was not suggesting that Binay ditch Estrada and his other allies. “He will always want, need and deserve the support of President Erap,” said Osmeña.
Sen. Vicente Sotto III said that Binay should “rethink” the coalition and make it his own team going into the 2016 elections where he has set his sights on the presidency.
Sotto said that Binay proved that he was a good vote-getter. His daughter, Nancy, placed a strong fifth in the tightly fought race despite being lambasted in traditional and social media for her lack of experience and aversion to public debates.
An Old Grand Rat in the Year of The Horse 
Enrile:February 14, 1924
The 2014 parade will be under the command of the temperamental Horse.Therefore, the Rats need to prepare for the unexpected turns of fate and sharp jumps in life. The concept of “risk” is missing in the dictionary of the Rat, so it makes a deal only if it is sure of the security of the enterprise. This personal quality helps it leave the sinking ship in time and survive in all of life’s storms. 
Prediction 1: Enrile will resign provided a "no-guilty" verdict is assured on the pork barrel scam. 
The Story of Jinggoy's Pork
  • First, he denies he knows Janet Napoles.
  • Secondly, he passes the buck (the blame) to his chief of staff.
  • Now, he passes the "pork load" to his father, a political ally and to Cayayan (Enrile's home province)
In his seven-page veto message to the Senate and the House of Representatives, President Aquino said the grant of subsidies for Manila, Caloocan and Lla-lo “may not be consistent with the objectives and prioritization of the Local Government Support Fund.”
“Accordingly, I hereby direct the DBM to issue the guidelines in the equal availment of the fund by LGUs. Indeed, national government support ought to be responsive to the actual requirements of LGUs in the interest of genuine local development.” P. Noy
Senator Jinggoy Estrada gave his pork to LGUs—P100 million to Manila where his father is the mayor; P50 million to Caloocan City where Mayor Oscar Malapitan is a political ally; and P50 million to Lal-lo, Cagayan province, where an airport is being built to serve the Cagayan Special Economic Zone. 
The MAD Evolution of PORK
Senate finance committee chairman Sen. Francis Escudero defended yesterday the decision of the Senate to allow some of their colleagues to realign their respective P200-million PDAF under the 2014 budget.
Escudero said the discretion is an individual decision of the senators that was eventually adopted during plenary.
“Remember what I said then that I will respect the individual decision of senators in the caucus regarding the PDAF,” Escudero said, noting that the budget was P3.2-billion less because 15 senators decided to delete their pork barrel under the 2014 budget.
Senators Estrada, Ramon Revilla Jr., and Lito Lapid were among those who opted to retain their respective P200-million in PDAF.
“The remaining nine senators allocated (their PDAF) to various areas, although most placed them for calamity fund,” Escudero said. From PhilStar
P.Noy's Angels
In the same manner, he thanked his women appointees—among them Justice Secretary Leila de Lima, BIR Commissioner Kim Henares, Ombudsman Conchita Carpio-Morales, and Commission on Audit chief Grace Pulido Tan—for safeguarding his administration against corruption.
“Sabi ko baka pagdating ng 10 taon mula ngayon ay hindi na ho women empowerment ang paksa natin, baka ang paksa na raw po natin ay men’s emancipation,” he said in jest.
“Dahil sa atin ho sa Pilipinas, pag ikaw ay nagkamali, magkita kayo ni Leila, ni Kim, ni Conchita Carpio-Morales, ni Grace Pulido-Tan, at marami pang iba,” Aquino added.
Janet Napoles: HER MESS!
"It's more fun to be a senator!
H:Honasan "I support calibrated abolition of PDAF"
E: Enrile : "Gusto ko happy ka!"
R: Revilla: "My good intentions are not realized!"
M: Marcos: "Alam ko ang ginagawa ko!"
E: Estrada: :How will we know if NGOs are bogus?"
S: Sotto: "Marunong mag-Tagalog is Kennedy?"