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Friday, December 6, 2013

Miriam, what can Enrile learn From Marcos' "Dovie Beams" affair?

 The Affair of Dovie Beams and President Ferdinand E. Marcos
From The Malacanang Presidential Museum :
It was a well-kept secret while it lasted. Dovie Beams was an American piano teacher and actress who was in the Philippines to star in the motion picture, Maharlika, portraying the real-life story of the President during his days as a guerrilla officer of an underground intelligence unit of the same name. Presidential aides as well as influential persons close to Pres. Marcos had exhausted all means to keep the affair under wraps. However, as Primitivo Mijares, former pressman of the President recalls, it only took the First Lady’s keen senses and loyal supporters to uncover the affair and subsequently end it.
In 1971, a recording of Dovie Beams and Pres. Marcos would be aired through the university radio station at the beginning of the Diliman Commune.
…the students commandeered the university radio station and broadcast continuously over it a looped tape recording of [Pres.] Marcos making love to Dovie Beams. The tape was complete with moans, murmurs, creakings of bed, and even a love song which [Pres.] Marcos himself sang under the tune of Pamulinawen which every Filipino knew to be his favorite Ilocano song. His voice and that of Dovie were doubtless genuine.
-The Conjugal Dictatorship of Ferdinand and Imelda Marcos by Primitivo Mijares
From Here Comes Love*
You play around with that woman
Didn’t you know I cared?
Walking ’round, ev’ryone can see
A sleazy cheap affair
What’s the matter with me baby?
Am I not good enough for you? 
If you prefer that slut—okay
I’ll tell you what we’ll do
Men will do anything
For a little piece of mind
Men will do anything
That’s how you keep them in line
Men will do anything
For some sweet tranquility
Men—will do anything
And there’s nothing you can do to me
Do anything that you want them to
If you leave them on their own

They’ll sign here on the dotted line
If you ignore what they have done
Gigi Reyes: "You have the power to say "This is NOT How my story will end!"
Filipinos Riveted By Their Own News Of High-level Trysts
January 30, 1998
By Uli Schmetzer, Tribune Staff Writer.

MANILA — Sen. Juan Ponce Enrile's love life became headlines this week, giving Filipinos their own domestic version of what allegedly went on in the White House, the seat of power of their old colonial masters.
Enrile is not the president, but his alleged tryst with a top aide prompted his wife of 40 years to leave him this week with the public quip that she no longer could tolerate his chasing after other women, including domestic helpers, cooks and assistants.
MANILA - Sen. Miriam Defensor Santiago on Wednesday accused Sen. Juan Ponce Enrile of being a "psychopathic hypersexualized serial womanizer" for allegedly chasing after other women including his former chief of staff, Gigi Reyes.In her speech, Santiago quoted a January 1998 article on the Chicago Tribune that said Enrile's wife had walked out on him after charging adultery. She said Enrile's wife told the Tribune that she could no longer "tolerate his chasing after other women, including domestic helpers, cooks, and assistants.”
"Walang pinapatawad ito. Kaya ayaw kong tumatabi sa kanya baka ma-HIV ako," Santiago said.
"This is eyewitness testimony that Enrile is psychopathic and urgently needs treatment for his sex addiction. There is a sex addict in the Senate," she added.
Santiago also noted that Enrile appointed Reyes' husband, lawyer Rodolfo "Inky" Reyes, to be appointed to the Cagayan Economic Zone Authority (CEZA). She said this was after Gigi Reyes had joined Enrile's law firm and were allegedly carrying out an affair.
"Sineduce niya yung babae ang lalaki pinadala niya sa malayo. E di naghiwalay," she said.
She also noted that Enrile "had the audacity to throw a birthday party at a five-star Makati hotel for his concubine, to which he was able to drag President Aquino."
The female senator said Gigi Reyes has already left the country after she was linked to the pork barrel scam. She said the Enrile camp issued a statement that only Gigi, not Enrile, should be accused of plunder.
"That is his version of tough love," she said.