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Monday, December 9, 2013

Dear Noynoy: A rich girl stole your dad from me! Tita Imeldific

Dear Noynoy: A rich girl stole your dad from me! Tita Imeldific

Marcoses had themselves depicted as the Ur couple of the Philippines — the Adam and Eve of tribal Philippine mythology, who sprung from a piece of split bamboo, the strong man and the beautiful woman. 

So, the idea was that they were fulfilling destiny, facilitating a kind of rebirth and renewal of Philippine identity — which did happen to some extent — and these paintings make explicit their wish to become part of the national mythology. David Bryne

Imelda and Ninoy:Unrequited love
Do you know that, if were not for a surprise twist in history, Ninoy could have been the Malakas in Imelda's Malakas at Maganda story?
Imelda said that he had courted her in their youth, “but when he met this rich girl he dropped me like a hot potato.”
Here Lies Love Review: Disco Night With Imelda Marcos 
By David Byrne

Imelda (the pitch-perfect Ruthie Ann Miles) falls in love with Benigno “Ninoy” Aquino (Conrad Ricamora), a rather astonishing fact, since Aquino went on to become the major critic of the Marcos regime. She first sees him (as do we) all dressed in white, in nerdy black glasses, but lithe and magnetic, committed to healing his country. The affair ends.
“Ninoy was my first love/ But he said I was too tall/ A rich girl stole the sweetheart/ Of the Rose of Tacloban”

When Imelda first meets Ferdinand Marcos, a war hero running for Senate (with video monitors catching him glad-handing members of the audience), she runs the full length of the theater immediately into a kiss — good theatrical shorthand for what was in fact a courtship that lasted only 11 days. (“Eleven Days” is one of my favorite tunes in the show.)
(based on verbatim transcripts of Imelda quotes)

I wrote inside my yearbook
“To try is to succeed
Fried chicken and the rumba
The colors pink and cream”

Ninoy was my first love
But he said I was too tall
A rich girl stole the sweetheart 
Of the Rose of Tacloban
Ninoy as a war correspondent in Korea
"Ninoy managed to fall in love with many girls, or many girls fell in love with him because he was a good looking fellow. "Nap Rama
Ninoy negotiating the surrender of Luis Taruc
Ninoy With President Ramon Magsaysay 

He was jolly, he had a good name, Aquino—the father was one of the rarely great politicians during his time. As a matter of fact, the father was a “presidential timber.” Ninoy was the favorite escort of “beauty queens.” As a matter of fact, he was a friend of Imelda. He met Imelda in the house of Danieling Romualdez and he would be taking some time to take Imelda to where she was working. Ninoy had a jeep at that time. He got to know Imelda but I don’t think he courted Imelda…"Nap Rama
According to Katherine Ellison in Imelda: Steel Butterfly of the Philippines*,  Imelda had once told Celia Laurel, “And last but not least… it’s pulverize Ninoy Aquino.”  Asked why, Imelda said that he had courted her in their youth, “but when he met this rich girl he dropped me like a hot potato.”** 

Source:Marcus Apollo
"Our opponent [Cory Aquino] does not put on any make up. She does not have her fingernails manicured. Filipinos who like beauty, love and God are for Marcos." - on why Ferdinand Marcos would win, January 1986
She might've been 'Imelda Aquino'
POINTILLISMS By Mike Acebedo Lopez 
I know my paternal grand aunt Mrs. Imelda Marcos wouldn’t be very amused with having her name attached to that of their family’s political arch nemesis, especially not like this. But with all the EDSA anniversary euphoria, I can’t help but recall some interesting trivia about the infamous and inimitable Philippine First Lady (and the decades-old political drama in our country)—especially the most interesting and intriguing bits of information many people aren’t even aware of.
Did you know that before Ninoy and Cory became the ‘awesome’ twosome they are now (thanks or no thanks to the Pinoy mentality of hero worship), or before Ferdinand and Imelda tried excessively to epitomize ‘malakas’ and ‘maganda,’ there was actually a time when Benigno “Ninoy” Aquino and Imelda “Meldy” Romualdez dated?
Yes, for a time, before destiny took over and lead them to meet their respective spouses (for better or for worse), they were together. Doesn’t matter how long but before he became a senator and she became “Imeldific,” the two most powerful figures in contemporary Philippine history spent some time dating.
Apart from interesting and intriguing, I think this detail is important and I honestly wonder why it’s seldom discussed. Don’t you find it curious that this is left out in most (if not all) documentaries, books, or commentaries on the Marcos – Aquino saga?
They say all politics is personal. And to an extent, I agree. So imagine, what if the events of the past were largely shaped by what could’ve been a love triangle? Plausible angle? Of course. Anything is possible in this strange world that gets stranger each day.
**The source is Katherine Ellison, Imelda: Steel Butterfly of the Philippines. On the Google Books preview, the pertinent paragraphs are on page 88.
"When Marcos later learned what happened, he reportedly went into a rage and even threw something at Imelda..." 
August 21, 1983