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Thursday, November 28, 2013

The EQ Post Exclusive: "Enrile , By Hook Or By Crook!"

Twins: Separated at Birth?
Nixon and/or Enrile?
Lacking charisma, not a “people person,” 
bad on TV, shy and suspicious, 
he would seem congenitally unsuited for public office

 Hard to paint an even-handed portrayal, 
and separate his achievements and positive attributes 
from his legacy as a liar and a crook. 

You could praise his work in the Senate 
and as an anti-Communist crusader, 
And conjecture that his problems stemmed from paranoia. 

There was what we know as .....gate
History still hasn't decided if he got a bad rap 
or was actually worse than we knew.
Who are we to judge?
Enrile: I've never been known for betrayal 
"By Hook Or By Crook!"

The EQ Post Testimonial
Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde
The Dr. Jekyll and Mr Hyde film tells the story of Dr. Henry Jekyll (Fredric March), a kind English doctor in Victorian London who is certain that within each man lurks impulses for both good and evil.
Can you guess the Filipino politician who has a similar personality?
MANILA - A political analyst believes the alleged move of Senate Minority Leader Juan Ponce Enrile to distance himself from the P10 billion pork barrel scam is not surprising.

Political scientist and visiting professor Benjamin Muego said some of those linked to the pork scam would likely create diversionary tactics to draw attention away from themselves.

"Kung nagkakagulo yun ang human nature na tinatawag. Gumagawa ng smokescreens paminsan-minsan para ma deflect yung attention dun sa central issue," he said. From ABS-CBN News
A reputation that took decades to build
can be threatened by a single event.

The Juan Ponce Enrile Memorial Hall
Question: A Member of either house of Congress may be expelled by their fellow Members. For a Member to be expelled, how many of the total number of Members of a house must concur with the expulsion? 
Answer: Two-thirds. Article VI, Section 16.3 states, "Each House may determine the rules of its proceedings, punish its Members for disorderly behavior, and, with the concurrence of two-thirds of all its Members, suspend or expel a Member." So, if the Senate wants to expel a member, 16 of the 24 Senators must agree to expel that Senator.
"I, have been judged, often unfairly and harshly."
JPE"s Appointment with History
"I am not oblivious to the possible political repercussions of the my case today. I am deeply concerned that the people may just so easily ignore, forget, if not completely miss out, the hard lessons we all must learn from this episode, instead of grow and mature as citizens of a democratic nation.

Those whose intentions and motivations may be farthest from the lofty ideals of truth and justice are wont to feast upon my downfall should this Court render a guilty verdict.

I am equally aware of the tremendous pressure weighing heavily upon all the members of this Court as we had to come to a decision on this case, one way or the other.

As one who has been through many personal upheavals through all of my 89 years, I, too, have been judged, often unfairly and harshly. But I have constantly held that those who face the judgment of imperfect and fallible mortals like us have recourse to the judgment of history, and, ultimately, of God." 

I  therefore resign from the Senate to protect my personal honour and to spare the country from further anguish.
JPE's Proposed Resignation Speech (Inspired by his speech in the Corona impeachment).
"To be happy does not mean to indulge in foolishness!"
Jose Rizal (Noli Me Tangere)
Juan Ponce Enrile will do the honourable  thing...
DELICADEZA is a Spanish word.

Delicadeza was once enshrined in Philippine culture. Like a precious diamond, the word has many facets. 
At the very foundation is character: doing the right thing when no one is looking.  by Conchita Razon, Inquirer
“I have never murdered (or ordered?) anyone during all of my years on this planet.” 
Enrile (as the case may be)
From Inquirer
MANILA, Philippines—A waste of time, money and energy was the general theme of netizens’ reaction to Senate Minority Leader Juan Ponce Enrile’s privilege speech where he lambasted an “obsessive hater,” supposedly Sen. Miriam Defensor-Santiago.
“Total, total waste of taxpayers’ money. Used his right for personal vendetta. Did country gain from it? Big NO,” @Bessie_2012 said on Twitter.
“Enrile is a waste of taxpayer money. His book a waste of trees,” said blogger Noem Lardizabal-Dado, who uses the twitter handle @momblogger.
“Political mudslinging at its finest,” said @marvingermo.
“Complete waste of time and taxpayer money. These are the people you vote for, Philippines? Why?” @prodeeboy told @Inq_Opinion.
“Nothing for public interest. I thought I’m watching show biz news,” @tetRtan posted on @Inq_Opinion.
Netizen @benjobb found the remarks of Enrile “(a)ll ad hominems, nothing substantial. Miriam being crazy or not has nothing to do with.”
“Two great lawyers. Two experienced senators. Miriam vs Enrile now. Whoah, tis gonna be a total entertainment,” said @jhonnrjavier.
@suigeneris05 said the points raised by Enrile were “his personal issue with Sen. Miriam.”
Other netizens heckled Enrile and Santiago.
“Dear Sen. Enrile, WEH? Final Answer?? :)))” @jenyhian said.
“Para lang pala sa isang senadora ang talumpating ito. Sana nagkulong na lang sa isang kuwarto at nag-usap. (Or nagbarilan) (”,), @HecklerForever said.
“Non-sense. Senate is now a reality show!” @jAndadu also said on @Inq_Opinion.
“Tom and [Jerry] tong dalawa…heheheee” Ayon Escobal Rodas added.
“Senate is a real Pinoy Big Brother house. What a show,” JAn DAdu also said.
Since it sounded like verbal brawling, humorist @krizzy_kalerQUI
said: Dapat itong sina Enrile at Miriam ang mag undercard sa susunod na laban ni Pacman. tsk. Tsk.”—