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Friday, September 6, 2013

Philippines 2016: What will happen when P.Noy steps down?

"There are those who always ask: What will happen in 2016? What will happen when you step down? Will that be the end of good, honest governance? Will we have reached the end of the straight and righteous path?" P.NOY SONA 2013
Filipinos must realize that we need two consecutive good Presidents in order to take off. The 2016 presidential election is therefore very crucial. Are we going to elect an honest president again? Or  are we going back to our old ways of electing a popular "trapo" candidate?
Yet now that the Philippines is cleaning up its act and open for business, a critical question must be asked: Now what? Where does Aquino go from here?
The trouble is, Aquino can't run for re-election in 2016. What if his successor has very different ideas about reform? From Bloomberg News
The Frontrunner
As Vice President of the Republic, Binay may be the frontrunner now. He can use all the resources of his position to project a "presidential" image in the next three years. 
Binay's New Politics: "Gaganda ang buhay ng mga Binay."
Can Binay have his cake and eat it too?
Senador Bong
His credentials:
Ramon Bong Revilla, Jr. (born Jose Marie Mortel Bautista on September 25, 1966 is a Filipino actor, TV Host, politician, and senator of the Republic of the Philippines. In 2009, he legally changed his last name to Bong Revilla.[2]

He was born Jose Marie Mortel Bautista to Jose Acuña Bautista (also known as Ramon Revilla) and Azucena Mortel. In 1979, he finished his elementary education at Jesus Good Shepherd School in Palico II, Imus, Cavite. He finished his secondary education at Fairfax High School (Los Angeles) at Los Angeles, California, United States in 1982. No college education. from Wikipedia
"It ain't over till the fat lady sings!"
“But, you know, it’s far away,” he said, adding:
“It’s God’s will.” Manny Pacquiao
MACAU—Philippine boxing great Manny Pacquiao is harbouring thoughts of running for president in his beloved homeland when he finally hangs up his gloves, he revealed to AFP in an exclusive interview.
Giving his strongest hint yet that he will push to the top of the political tree when he finally retires from the ring, the “Pacman” — a hero and congressman in his home country — admitted he had considered the presidency of the 95 million-strong nation.
When pressed on whether he had thought about shooting for the top job, the softly-spoken 34-year-old replied “Yes”.

Senator Grace Poe, who topped the May 13 senatorial election, is open to run in the 2016 presidential derby though she said she has yet to prove her mettle in the Senate.

“Para ambisyunin ko yung 2016, I guess normal lang yun (I guess it’s just normal to aspire for 2016). When you’re within the top five you are considered as a possible (contender). I won’t have …false humility,” Poe said at the regular weekly forum at the Senate Thursday. From Inquirer
There is no doubt in our minds that Mar Roxas will be P.Noy's "anointed one" in 2016. After all, Mar Roxas was initially LP's 2010 presidential bet, but he gave way for Aquino and instead ran for vice president.
Mar Roxas has the right qualifications and the experience to succeed P.Noy in 2016. 
However, we are very concerned about Mar Roxas' projection to the public, particularly the "masa". 

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