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Sunday, August 4, 2013

Cardinal Tagle and Archbishop Villegas:"Repair The Church In The Philippines!"

The Powerful Men In Robe
Dear Cardinal Tagle and Archbishop Villegas:
We have decided to write you an open letter on the feast day of St.
John Vianney, the patron saint of parish priests. 
Pope John Paul II referred to the great saint as a “rare example of a pastor acutely aware of his responsibilities...and a sign of courage for those who today experience the grace of being called to the priesthood.”
Cardinal Chito and Archbishop Soc, the two of you are arguably the fresh new faces of the Catholic Church in the Philippines. It is indeed a refreshing change compared to the old, "political" faces of the CBCP during the time of Gloria Arroyo.
"Repair The Church"
We urgently need your leadership to make the Catholic Church in the Philippines the haven of the poor, the neglected and the young. Help repair the Church and make Her the true window of God's mercy for our country.
"This age is a 'kairos' of mercy," Pope Francis recently said, using the Greek word for a special or particularly opportune moment.
Come Holy Spirit, fill the hearts of your faithful and kindle in them the fire of your love. Send forth your Spirit and they shall be created. And You shall renew the face of the earth.
O, God, who by the light of the Holy Spirit, did instruct the hearts of the faithful, grant that by the same Holy Spirit we may be truly wise and ever enjoy His consolations, Through Christ Our Lord, Amen.
With the guidance of the Holy Spirit, the last Papal Conclave elected an inspiring new pope in the mold of the soon-to-be saints, Pope John Paul II and Pope John XXIII. 
Millions of Catholics will be happy with the expected canonization of Pope John XXIII (who is associated with 2nd Vatican council) and the beloved Pope John Paul II.
Love For The Poor 
Pope Francis has called for the realignment of the Church with the marginalised sectors of human society, especially the poor and the young.
Poor people and young people must be given consideration and, above all, they must be met in their own social context. 
"Spiritual sickness of a Church."
"We need to avoid the spiritual sickness of a Church that is wrapped up in its own world: when a Church becomes like this, it grows sick. It is true that going out onto the street implies the risk of accidents happening, as they would to any ordinary man or woman. But if the Church stays wrapped up in itself, it will age. And if I had to choose between a wounded Church that goes out onto the streets and a sick withdrawn Church, I would definitely choose the first one." Pope Francis
Many of the stories introducing Francis from his time as bishop focus on his love for Christ poor, for the simplicity of evangelical poverty, and for the poor themselves. They tell of his frequent visits to the slums of the city (by bus, of course) to be with his people there.
In describing his choice of the name Francis he concluded: “How I would like a Church which is poor and for the poor!” He marries this love of poverty with a clear-sighted understanding of its birth from structures of injustice, pointing out that human rights are violated not only by physical and political violence, but “also by unfair economic structures that create huge inequalities.” From The Jesuit Post
 From L'Osservatore Romano
Gestures and words had barely been interwoven in the touching visit to Varginha than they evoked memories of Paul VI's visit to the Tondo neighbourhood in the outskirts of Manila, of so many others on John Paul II's journeys, and of the solicitude of Benedict XVI in Brazil itself, as well as during his visit to Benin. In the small district of poor huts, the Pope was moved as he blessed the wooden altar of the parish church and, like a visiting relative, picked up two children to have himself photographed in a minuscule room and then prayed with the Evangelical faithful who devoutly asked him to touch rosary beads  and little bottles of water.
 Please shun politics and power!
Cardinal Chito, always remember the brotherly advice of Pope Benedict to you and five other new cardinals:

"To be disciples of Jesus, then, means not letting ourselves be allured by the worldly logic of power, but bringing into the world the light of truth and God's love," he said.

"To you, dear and venerable brother cardinals - I think in particular of those created yesterday - is entrusted this demanding responsibility: to bear witness to the kingdom of God, to the truth."

“Ewan ko lang kung yan ay coincidence lang o dahil nga may pinapasabi ang Diyos sa atin na kapag iyan ay pinag-uusapan ng matindi ay parang may mensahe na nangyayari na maraming kahirapan na nagaganap sa atin," Bishop Pabillo said in an interview with Radio Veritas.

Mercy is a word Pope Francis uses often, and an attitude he believes the Catholic Church must embody and all Catholics must mirror.

"This is the time for mercy," Pope Francis told reporters July 28 during his flight back to Rome from Brazil. "The church is mother and must follow the path of mercy, and find mercy for everyone."

May God have mercy on all of us. May God bless our beautiful country.


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