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Thursday, July 25, 2013

Senadora Grace Poe: Can she be a 2016 presidential candidate?

Senator Grace Poe, who topped the May 13 senatorial election, is open to run in the 2016 presidential derby though she said she has yet to prove her mettle in the Senate.
“Para ambisyunin ko yung 2016, I guess normal lang yun (I guess it’s just normal to aspire for 2016). When you’re within the top five you are considered as a possible (contender). I won’t have …false humility,” Poe said at the regular weekly forum at the Senate Thursday.
“But really my concern right now is also my fear. Being number one, people just tend to scrutinize what you’re doing and I’m doing this as I said to give honor to my dad and I feel    that I can do that even in the Senate,”  she said, referring to the late  Fernando Poe Jr.
Poe said no one has approached her yet or she has not approached anybody to discuss about the 2016 presidential elections.

“Normal lang tanungin ako sa mga tungkol sa posibilidad dahil nasa top five ako pero  para  sabihin na inaambisyon ko ’yan, hindi  ko ’yan inaambisyon (It’s just normal that I am asked about the possibilities because I’m within the top five but to say that I’m aspiring for it, I’m not),” she said.
“Iniisip ko bang kakayanin ko yan? Hindi ko alam kung kayayanin ko. Sa tingin ko hindi ’yan kakayanin sa ngayon dahil ang hirap hirap (Do I think I can do it? I don’t know if I can. I think I can’t do it now because it’s so difficult).”
“Pero huwag n’yo rin naman akong pagsalitain nang tapos… Parang tinanggal nyo rin sa akin yung pagkakataon (But don’t make me say something final…because you’re removing my) freedom to express myself because in the future I might have a different mindset. But for now I’m telling you, I don’t feel I’m yet qualified until I have proven myself in the Senate,” the neophyte senator added.
For now, Poe said her priority is finishing her six-year term in the Senate. From Inquirer

There are those who always ask: What will happen in 2016? What will happen when you step down? Will that be the end of good, honest governance? Will we have reached the end of the straight and righteous path?" P. Noy

Qualification No 1: Must have the INTEGRITY of Cory Aquino
A political novice, Corazon Aquino was thrust to the forefront of opposition to President Ferdinand Marcos following the murder of her husband, a prominent senator.
Not only did she replace Marcos as president but went on to gain a worldwide reputation as a fighter for peace and democracy, and an advocate for her strong Catholic faith. From BBC

Qualification No.2 :Must have the COURAGE of P.Noy
 President Aquino -- nicknamed P-Noy -- is apparently that rare Philippines leader who is both incorruptible and competent. And his administration seems determined to change the environment of crony capitalism where who you know in government, and how much you're willing to pay for privileges, has always mattered more than what you make or how well you make it. John Forbes, a former U.S. diplomat and business consultant, whose Philippine experience goes back more than 40 years, says Aquino's anti-corruption moves are "unprecedented." From Foreign Policy

Qualification No. 3 : Must be like Ramon Magsaysay, most loved president of the Philippines.
His administration was considered one of the cleanest and most corruption-free; his presidency was cited as the Philippines' Golden Years. Trade and industry flourished, the Philippine military was at its prime, and the Filipino people were given international recognition in sports, culture and foreign affairs. The Philippines ranked second in Asia's clean and well-governed countries.
Qualification No.4 : Must SAY NO to Corruption!
Noynoy Aquino's immediate predecessor, Gloria Arroyo, earned her PhD in economics. By contrast, the laid-back P-Noy would never claim to be an economic savant (though he did manage to earn a B.A. in the dismal science, and one of his professors was Ms. Arroyo). President Aquino, by the way, is prosecuting Ms. Arroyo, alleging that she raked in millions of dollars in bribes. However the criminal charges are eventually resolved -- or perhaps not, considering the notoriously glacial pace of justice in Manila courts -- this much is clear: On Ms. Arroyo's watch, rampant corruption held the Philippine economy back, while in P-Noy's few years in office, honesty is producing tangible results in terms of growth. From Foreign Policy
Qualification no 5: Must have a familiar family name
A brand is a name, a term, a symbol or an idea that provokes a sense of trust, desire, familiarity or fellowship. Nobody expected three years ago that the next president would be a then laid-back
novice senator called Noynoy Aquino. But he had the legendary AQUINO name.
Remember when?

(December 18, 2009)

After a decade of misrule, Noynoy Aquino is the right choice.

We do not ask you to vote for him because of his Aquino surname.

We do not ask you to vote for him because of his personality.He does not have the sharp wit of Ninoy nor the charisma of Cory.

We do not ask you to vote for him because of the eloquence of his words. Eloquence has no aim: it is a just play of words. Remember our most eloquent president?

We do not ask you to vote for him because of his legislative record, which frankly is not impressive.

We do not ask you to vote for him and forget his ties with  Hacienda Luisita which clearly is the albatross hanging from his neck.

1) We need a president of impeccable integrity. We need a candidate who will not steal from us, who will not lie to us, who will not disrespect us and who will not betray our trust.

2) We need a presidential TANDEM that will fix our national problems. Noynoy Aquino AND Mar Roxas will work for us.They will not cut deals. Sorry, we can't guarantee the same things about their competitors.

3) Most importantly, we need a president with a clear platform of government to solve the mess we're in.