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Friday, July 12, 2013

P.Noy@ SONA 2013:You are doing a great job!

Mr.President:You are doing a great job!
After Marcos, Erap and Gloria, you are such a welcome relief to the nation!
Your grade from your bosses
From Inquirer
MANILA, Philippines—President Benigno Aquino III kept a happy face when he met visiting dignitaries in Malacañang on Thursday, buoyed up by a bounty of “good news” from newspapers.
“I had to admit the energy level was a bit down this morning until I read the papers which surprisingly had tremendous good news, left and right. That’s kind of unique. I think I will preserve my copy of today’s paper for posterity, just in case they never repeat it,” Mr. Aquino told them.
In particular, the President was ecstatic over the decision of the European Union (EU) to lift a three-year ban on Philippine Airlines flying to European airspace as it would complement the robust growth in tourism, one of the engines of the country’s economic growth.
The Inquirer and other major dailies also prominently carried news about the higher growth forecast for the Philippines by the International Monetary Fund (IMF), the growth in all income groups of Filipinos belonging to the middle class, and the initial success of proponents of the reproductive health law in the Supreme Court.

Initial Buyer Remorse?
Noynoying (pronounced noy-noy-YING[1] or noy-NOY-ying[2]) is a protest tactic in the form of neologism which critics of Philippine President Benigno Aquino III have used to question his work ethic, alleging inaction on Aquino's part on the issues of disaster response and of rising oil prices. A play on the term planking and Aquino's nickname, "Noynoy", Noynoying involves posing in a lazy manner, such as sitting idly while resting their heads on one hand and doing nothing.
While the first documented use of the term dates back to October 2011, use of the term became more widely spread when protesters started using it as a protest gimmick in 2012, catching widespread attention from mainstream media and spreading virally on social media. The origins of Noynoying as a protest device have been strongly associated with the Re-affirmist faction of the Philippine's leftist movements,[3] although its use has since spread to other groups generally critical of Aquino, regardless of affiliation.
In response, the Aquino administration expressed confidence that Noynoying would not catch on with the public.[4] From Wikipedia

By Richard Javad Heydarian, Huff Post
As emerging economic giants of Brazil, Russia, China, and India whimper, global investors are increasingly enthralled by the bang of more compact, democratic and dynamic economies. A combination of robust domestic spending, macroeconomic buoyancy, and labor-market flexibility has more than compensated for their smaller size. The new darlings of international finance include countries such as Turkey, Indonesia, and the Philippines. While the two Muslim nations are well on their way to join the elite group of trillion-dollar economies, the Philippines is relishing a strong economic momentum.

Amid global fears of a double-dip recession, the Philippines represents a countercyclical story of growth and resilience. It is expected to expand by 5.5-6 percent this year. The currency has been relatively strong, while the stock market has been among the most bullish in Asia. The first quarter was most encouraging: the economy grew above 6 percent, while exports expanded by 7.7 percent. The country is also enjoying an 'era of moderation': interest rates are at around 4 percent, inflation is barely above 3 percent, and the debt-to-GDP ratio is at a historic low -- allowing considerable space for borrowing and monetary easing.

This sound economic environment explains why even "Dr. Doom" Nouriel Roubini has identified the Philippines as among the most resilient of key Asian economies in terms of responding to a major global shock. According to the Roubini Global Economics report, the country has considerable monetary-fiscal wiggle room to respond to growing volatility in the center-economies (i.e., euro zone, U.S., Japan, and China) and geopolitical uncertainties in the Persian Gulf.

As a result, all major credit agencies have upgraded Philippines ratings, currently just a notch below the 'investment grade' level.
In terms of conflict-resolution, the President has successfully concluded a 'framework agreement' with the country's main rebel group, the Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF). This could be the beginning of a long but fulfilling process of reconciliation, reconstruction, and sustained development in the country's southern island of Mindanao.

Friday, December 18, 2009

As tough as the times are, the selection of a new president for the Philippines is easy. We obviously cannot put back into office a disgraced ex-president convicted and pardoned for PLUNDER.We cannot a elect a man who promises another 6 years of failed GMA polices.We cannot elect the richest candidate who could have serious conflicts of interest with the government because of his vast business empire.
After a decade of misrule, Noynoy Aquino is the right choice.

We do not ask you to vote for him because of his Aquino surname.

We do not ask you to vote for him because of his personality.He does not have the sharp wit of Ninoy nor the charisma of Cory.

We do not ask you to vote for him because of the eloquence of his words. Eloquence has no aim: it is a just play of words. Remember our most eloquent president?

We do not ask you to vote for him because of his legislative record, which frankly is not impressive.

We do not ask you to vote for him and forget his ties with  Hacienda Luisita which clearly is the albatross hanging from his neck.

1) We need a president of impeccable integrity. We need a candidate who will not steal from us, who will not lie to us, who will not disrespect us and who will not betray our trust.

2) We need a presidential TANDEM that will fix our national problems. Noynoy Aquino AND Mar Roxas will work for us.They will not cut deals. Sorry, we can't guarantee the same things about their competitors.

3) Most importantly,we need a president with a clear platform of government to solve the mess we're in.