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Ang Kalbaryo Ng Pinoy: KUNG gusto ninyo pa rin ng EJKs pero nakakalusot ang mga mayaman na drug lords, bola lang ang "end of Endo", ang yaman ng bayan para na lang sa mga plunderers at mga dayuhan! Iboto ninyo ang mga "popular" na kandidato ni Digong! Kalimutan na lang ang Bayan.

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Friday, December 7, 2012

CBCP: Is Jesus a God of Wrath or of Mercy?

MANILA, Philippines - Is it coincidence or an act of God? According to Manila Auxiliary Bishop Broderick Pabillo, tragedy always seems to happen whenever the controversial Reproductive Health bill is being discussed in Congress.

“Ewan ko lang kung yan ay coincidence lang o dahil nga may pinapasabi ang Diyos sa atin na kapag iyan ay pinag-uusapan ng matindi ay parang may mensahe na nangyayari na maraming kahirapan na nagaganap sa atin," Pabillo said in an interview with Radio Veritas.
Pabillo is referring to the lawmakers’ recent discussions both at the House of Representatives and Senate in connection with the passage of the reproductive health (RH) bill. From ABS-CBN
Bishop Pabillo: Following your perverted logic, was the Holocaust a divine punishment to the Jews?

One of the most painful graphic images from the Holocaust, the shoes of the victims who perished in Nazi death camps. 

Pabillo also said the spread of HIV is a symptom of deeper spiritual and moral disorders in society, adding that nine Filipinos are infected daily, and that 10 percent of those infected are overseas Filipino workers.

Philippine Catholic bishop Broderick Pabillo (L) prays for supreme court Chief Justice Renato Corona after a mass during the flag raising ceremony at the surpeme court grounds in Manila on January 16, 2012, ahead of Corona's impeachment trial at the Senate. 

"I am here as a Filipino. I am very concerned that we should have good governance in the country. Part of good governance in a democratic system is to have proper check and balance in the different branches of government. The independence of each branch is to be safeguarded. It is for this intention that we pray together. It is very unfortunate that the independence of the lower house is no longer there because of the pork barrel, not only in this administration but also in the last. We pray in this mass that the senate will be more independent. May this impeachment be not just a political exercise determined by political alliances but an exercise of searching for the truth, for what is right and just. We all owe this to our people. We pray too for the judiciary branch, not so much that it may win but that it may not be intimidated, but be courageous to fight for justice and its independence."Bishop Pabillo's Homily at the Supreme Court.