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Saturday, July 7, 2012

"Before Ever After" Novel: Pitching For Boracay,World's Best Island!

"God, she decided as she waded away from the outrigger
that had ferried them to the island,
was selfish and this was where God hoarded
beauty like a secret stash of chocolates."
Excerpt from "Before Ever After " novel by Samantha Sotto

"Before Ever After"
An international best-selling  novel by Filipino author Samantha Sotto is turning out to be a strong tourism pitch for 
Boracay island.

In a call on the Philippine Embassy in Washington D.C., Samantha Sotto said that while her novel “Before Ever After” is set in Europe, Boracay figured very prominently in the story.

“Ms.Sotto informed Philippine ambassador to the U.S., Jose Cuisia Jr. that while the setting of her novel is Europe, the famous island resort of Boracay in the Philippines is an important location in the story,” the Philippine Embassy to Washington D.C. said in a news release.
“My being Filipino was definitely a plus. My living overseas was not an issue at all with my publisher,” added Sotto, who lives in the Philippines.
Also, she said there are no barriers to Filipino talent and one of her goals in being an author is to raise awareness about the Philippines.
Ambassador Cuisia expressed pride at the achievement of Ms. Sotto, who wrote her book at a coffee shop while waiting for her son to get off school. The Ambassador urged Ms. Sotto to continue with her good work to showcase Filipino talent not just in the US but in many parts of the world.

International Bestseller
The world’s largest trade-book publisher, Random House, released the fiction novel, Before Ever After, by Filipino author, Samantha Sotto. She is the second Filipino to National Artist for Literature F. Sionil Jose to be published by Random House.
Before Ever After, a love story that defies the boundaries of time and space, is the author’s first work.

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>> morning on today's travel, best places to go in 20 $12.they have rated hotelses, food lines and more, world's best awards. these are fun. here with results, good morning.
>> good morning, willie.
>> let's point out off the top, some of these over the top expenses, pie in the sky , there are affordable ones.
>> there's a mix. what's important is what we feel, all the properties and places our readers chose really represent value. so they might be expensive but what you're getting is a great value for money .
>>> let's start with the best hotel and best safari rolled into one.
>> this is in tanzania. this is a magical place. a reserve in the middle of the national park . have you the incredible dinners under african skies , rides with incredible guides. all this to say you're going to be taken care of and pampered and see all the animals you can imagine.
>> beautiful. my type of safari. second, right here in the u.s., triple creek.
>> this is another experience, montana bitterroot mountains . what i love about this and what our readers love. they will cater to you and make it whatever you want to be. they have cattle drives , fly-fishing, hiking, et cetera . this is a place you're going to get ready active and get a lot of rocky mountain bravado. a lot of exercise for sure.
>> get that cowboy experience.
>> yeehaw.
>> now for the top resort in the continental u.s. , we talked about affordability, osprey at beaver creek , colorado.
>> osprey, $143 in the summertime. right in the heart of beaver creek . it's 43-room boutique hotel . what you get here is more of that kind of charming, chic luxury of being in a chalet. you get -- what is that called, fireplaces, beautiful fireplaces everywhere. you can ski if you go in the winter, summertime lots of activity.
>> 143, more like it.
>>> top in the u.s., number two, if we could. chicago . chicago is hot right now.
>> chicago has never been as high on our list as it is this year. it was number three this year and number two. it's actually getting a little bit of a run for its money to new york city . this comes in really well with our readers for food, for value as well and for incredible culture. the park, music outside all summer for free. great for shopping. i have to admit the shopping is great there. three top hotels were in chicago including waldorf astoria .

>>> world's best island i confess to never having heard of it in the philippines.
>> BORACAY. it beat out bali, number two. it's one of those islands you should know about if you're interested in culture and value. our readers love this, it's not been on anyone's radar. it's in the philippines. not only hotels for $50 but incredible hotel by tsvangirshan tsvangirai --
>>> crystal cruises .
>> one of two companies that held onto its number one spot for 17 years we've been running the survey. readers love it for the incredible service. good reason. one to one crew to guest ratio.
>> one to one.
>> for every single person there, there's a person taking care of you. incredible state rooms , great interiors. fantastic deals to the mediterranean for about $256 a night. can you do a couple different cruises i love.
>> seventeen years in a row. best domestic airline goes to virgin america . branson knows how to do it.
>> they have held onto number one spot on the survey since they opened. people love it because you get whatever you want when you want. jetblue second. they do similar things but virgin's value, great service and fun, which everyone loves.
>> great list again this year. thanks so much. just ahead