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Tuesday, September 16, 2014

EQ LEAD PHILIPPINES: Mar Roxas,The Man of Many Faces!

Mar Roxas: The Man of Many Faces
Mr.Korina Sanchez?
Pedicab driver???
Mr. Palengke????
Traffic enforcer?????
Who is really Mar Roxas?
Mr. Korina Sanchez?
Mr. Palengke????
Pedicab driver???
Traffic enforcer?????
In many regards, the confused image of Mar Roxas is due to the stupidity of his media handlers and his own "trying hard to please"
everybody" attitude.
What's wrong with Mar Roxas?
It at first seemed inexplicable.
But know we know why!
Is Mar Roxas the Mitt Romney of the Philippines?
Are they twins in parallel universes?
-Both attended Ivy League colleges. Romney-Harvard MBA, Roxas-Wharton
-Both had very wealthy parents. Romney's father (George Romney) was top automobile executive and later became a Governor of Michigan.  
-Roxas's father (Gerry Roxas) was a senator and his mother's family owns Smart-Araneta Coliseum and most of the Cubao CBD.
They are  both "decent men who say or do stupid things" because they are pretending to be something they are not !

-Media accounts described Romney as "shellshocked" by loss to Obama in the U.S. 2012 presidential elections. Wikipedia
-Roxas was defeated by Jejomar Binay by the narrowest margin in the history of the Fifth Republic. However, Roxas filed an electoral protest with the Supreme Court of the Philippines, the Court sitting as Presidential Electoral Tribunal.Wikipedia
Please read this  CNN article about Romney.  If you  can understand the media persona confusion in Romney, we guarantee you will see the same media persona problems in Mar Roxas:
What's wrong with Romney the candidate
By Gloria Borger, CNN Chief Political Analyst
I have a theory about this. In spending a lot of time this year thinking about Romney -- and speaking with those who know him the best, politically and personally while reporting a CNN documentary -- this much appears to be true: Romney has a businessman's approach to politics. Which means: He sizes up a situation (or an audience). He figures out what he needs to do to cut the deal. Then he does it, and expects it to work.
Ergo, Romney speaks to a group of conservative GOP fat cats, and tells them what he thinks they want to hear so they will cough up the dough. Belief is almost beside the point. He was closing the deal.
Here's something to know: While Romney was born into politics, he's not a natural-born politician. His father may have been a three-term Michigan governor, but he told his son to go into business first. So he did. And now Romney is a numbers guy who came to the ideological part of politics late. And it shows, especially when you are asking voters to trust what you believe to become president.
Some politicians are hatched out of strong loyalty to a cause or a party. Romney is a businessman who came to politics out of a strong sense of duty -- and belief in his own ability to repair what's broken. Getting elected is what you have to do so you can do what you're good at: fixing things.
Once in office, though, when confronted with the difficult issue of abortion -- and looking at a presidential bid in the ever more conservative GOP -- he flipped, explaining to me that it was a matter of conscience, tempered by the reality of political power. "I realized what sounded good in a campaign, when I actually became the governor and would be the person who would sign a piece of legislation which could take human life -- I simply couldn't do that," he told me.
But there's no doubt about it: Romney had to move to the right to try and get the nomination, so he did in the 2008 campaign. And he did it again in 2012.
In trying to explain Romney's jujitsu, former adviser Alex Castellanos told me that Romney's journey on social issues was the journey of a businessman who "mainly looked at governing as an economic proposition, all of a sudden confronting some social issues as a mature adult responsible for human life. And so he did evolve there."
All of which leads to this question: Does Romney believe any of this stuff?
In the end, it's hard to know.
But I'll subscribe to a theory advanced by David Brooks in The New York Times today: that Romney is a decent man who says stupid things because he is pretending to be something he is not!
Maybe that's what Romney thought he needed to be to cut the deal.
But the problem is, presidential politics isn't just business. It's personal.
One Important NOTE:
But one thing is very clear to us in The Equalizer Post.
Mar Roxas has never ever been involved any corruption case in his entire political career.
We can't say the same thing about his probable rival in 2016.
Who can say NO to corruption?
Mar Roxas has always said NO!
How about his  presumptive rival in 2016 ?