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EQ Post's BOLD 2016 Predictions on Presidentiables, Senatoriables and Manny Pacquiao!


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Sunday, November 29, 2015

EQ Post's BOLD 2016 Predictions on Presidentiables, Senatoriables and Manny Pacquiao!

It’s never too early for 2016 predictions that could have major impact on Philippine politics.
It doesn't take rocket science to make political predictions in the Philippines. There are some obvious political trends that are becoming more and more evident.
Here they are:
EQ Prediction: Warning to Grace Poe, 2016 will be the year of political betrayals! Watch your back!
Beware of the Binay Trojan Horse!
EQ Prediction : No matter what the "proclaimed tickets" will be, Jojo Binay and Chiz Escudero will maneuver for a "Bi-Chiz" in Malacanang!
History will repeat itself!
EQ Prediction: The Godfather will play a major role in the Bi-Chiz Mixed Ticket!
Grace Poe:Can you see the BIG Picture? The EQ Post
Play Connect the Dots! In this fun numbers game, connect the letters or numbers in the right order to help see the big picture of the Magic!
Duterte-Marcos Mixed Ticket
EQ Prediction: The Dark forces of Marcos will maneuver for a Duterte-Marcos mixed ticket!   
This will be the 2nd option in case the the "Bi-Chiz" mixed ticket fails to take off due to Binay's alleged corruption charges.
Poor Alan Cayetano! He will suffer the same fate as Grace Poe. As stated earlier, this will be the season of political betrayals!
This augurs well for the Liberals! The Bi-Chiz and Duterte-Marcos mixed tickets will unwittingly UNIFY the Yellow Forces for MAR/LENI!
P.S. warning to MAR:Do not be complacent!
EQ Prediction:The "Magic 8" Senatoriables.They deserve to be Senators of the Republic. 
EQ Prediction : Manny Pacquiao will be elected  senator and will establish a record-breaking record in absenteeism in the Senate (exactly like his previous record in the House of Representatives!)
Question for Manny Pacquiao:Why is your Senatorial candidacy similar to a boxing career?
Possible reply: “You know, When I started boxing, of course I was planning, you know and thinking about getting to become a champion. So when I enter politics, you know, it’s the same thing.
Question: What will be your competitive advantage vs. other aspirants?
Possible reply: "You know, after years of spending like there was no tomorrow, it appears that, you know, tomorrow has come!"
When asked to run for an elective post (was it for senator or for Manila mayor?),  Dolphy's answer was classic: “Madaling manalo. Ang problema pag nanalo na ako.”