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Binay's New Three-Headed PR Monster Unit vs. Senador Trillanes

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Monday, September 1, 2014

Binay's New Three-Headed PR Monster Unit vs. Senador Trillanes

Binay's new three-headed spokesperson defense unit.
Are the Binays really in PANIC MODE now?
  • Senator Nancy Binay on Monday found a way of dealing with criticisms that the pricey Makati  City Hall 2 that her father Jejomar built does not merit to be called world-class.
  • “Beauty is in  the eyes of the  beholder,” Nancy Binay said.
  •  What does China have to do with the alleged overpricing of the P2.2 billion Makati City Hall Building 2 project?
  • According to Makati Congresswoman Abigail Binay, the high price of construction for the building was brought on by an increase in steel prices due to a construction boom in China in time for the 2008 Beijing Olympics.
MISSION:They decided, O.K., we’ve had enough of these guys, let’s  worry  about our reputation and do a lot of damage control!
It means helping the Binays disguise all the issues that make the dynasty unattractive: nepotism, incompetence,
and big-time overpricing.
Watch out for their different PR weapons!
Watch out for their e-pal moves!
Watch out for "BINAYaran" surveys!
At a press conference in Pasay City on Wednesday, August 27, Vice President Jejomar Binay denies irregularities in the construction of the Makati City Hall Building II, and links the ongoing Senate probe to an upcoming survey.
Why does Binay know beforehand?
Who paid for it?
That is why we urgently require all commissioning media houses to raise the levels of transparency on such surveys -- declare the methodology, the sample size, the sponsor and an explanation of  the "margin of error".
Figures don't lie, but liars figure.
Mark Twain, American writer and humorist (1835–1910)
From education.com
Numbers are facts, so numbers are always true, right? Well, not always. Sometimes people use numerical information incorrectly, either innocently or with a motive to mislead. In this lesson, we'll explore some common ways numbers are misused, including incorrectly gathering the figures, drawing the wrong conclusion, and misrepresenting the data.

We're bombarded with facts and figures every day—numerical information about what's going on in the world, who we should vote for, what we should buy, and even what we should think. The problem is, facts and figures aren't always factual. You've probably heard the old saying, "numbers don't lie." Well, they do, or rather the people who use them do!

Numbers are manipulated all the time, whether by deliberate misuse, negligence, or plain incompetence, so that what we see, hear, and read isn't always the truth. If we rely on numbers in statistics, polls, or percentages as a basis for decisions and opinions, we could be making a serious mistake. After all, people who work with numbers and those who analyze or interpret them are people. They may be biased, less than competent, or negligent, so you have to be just as concerned with the sources and quality of numbers as you are with words.

Numbers can be misused. It all happens in one, or both, of two key areas. First, numbers must be gathered. If they are collected incorrectly, or by someone with an agenda or bias, you need to know that. Second, numbers must be analyzed or interpreted. Again, this process can be done incorrectly, or misused by an individual or group. Once you learn what to look for in these two areas, you can evaluate the numerical data you encounter and rely on it only when it is objective and correct.

Manipulating Surveys
Authors, advertisers, businesses, and politicians rely on surveys, polls, and other statistics to make their points of view appear more credible and important. The problem is, it's just as easy to mislead with numbers as with words. Numbers must be gathered correctly so they can be trusted. Here are a few examples, including how numbers are manipulated so they can't be trusted.

Use an appropriate sample population that is large enough—if the sample number is too low, it won't be representative of a larger population; asking just two people if they like a new ice cream flavor and finding that one person does doesn't mean that 50% of all ice cream eaters, a number in the millions, will like the flavor.

Similar to the target population—if the target population includes ages 10–60, your sample can't be taken just from a junior high school

Random—asking only union members about labor laws is not random; asking one hundred people whose phone numbers were picked by a computer is.

Remain un-biased. Ask objective questions and create a non-threatening, non-influencing atmosphere. Compare, "Do you think people should be allowed to own dangerous firearms if they have innocent young children at home?" to "Do you think people should be allowed to exercise their Second Amendment right to own a firearm?" Also, if the person asking the question is wearing a "Gun Control Now!" or "Gun Freedom Now!" button, his or her bias pollutes the environment and will influence the answers received.
Trillanes said Binay is now probably in "panic mode."
MANILA, Philippines - Vice President Jejomar Binay should just explain why the Makati City Hall II parking building was allegedly overpriced instead of complaining about the Senate investigation into the controversy, Senator Antonio Trillanes IV said.

In a phone-patch interview with ANC on Wednesday, Trillanes said  the Senate Blue Ribbon sub-committee will continue to probe the allegedly overpriced building even if Binay is now trying to get the sympathy of the public by claiming that the probe is a political attack as Binay has made known his intentions to seek the presidency in 2016.

Trillanes said Binay is now probably in "panic mode."

"I don't know why he is whining," Trillanes told ANC. "I think, the Vice President should just relax and watch the investigation as it unfolds because definitely, we will uncover the truth," Trillanes said.

The senator also claimed that the Vice President has failed to explain the alleged overpricing.

"He can rant all he want. He can say that this is a demolition job or politicking. He can call it by whatever name,  but we're still waiting for his explanation," Trillanes said. From Philippine Star
"There is a sense of urgency present in Cavite"
Cavite Governor Remulla: Is that the reason for your new job now as Binay spokesperson?
Joey Salgado, the Makati city and Binay family spokesperson
What corruption?
This was the response of the Makati City government to Senator Antonio Trillanes IV’s statement that corruption in Makati City was probably bigger than the pork barrel scam.
“All transactions of the Makati City government undergo public bidding and other processes as required by law. Likewise all transactions are audited by the Commission on Audit,” Joey Salgado, the city spokesperson, said via text to the Philippine Daily Inquirer.
UNA Sec.General :Toby Tiangco
MANILA - A United Nationalist Alliance official said Sen. Antonio Trillanes IV could find a new line of work after 2016, as an interior decorator.

UNA secretary general Toby Tiangco made the comment after Trillanes said the Makati City Hall Building 2, which was constructed for P2.2 billion, is just ordinary and not world-class.

"What the inspection proved is that Sen. Trillanes has a misjudging eye for the quality of the materials used in the building’s construction," he said in a statement.

He added: "Di ko akalain na interior decorator na rin si Sen. Trillanes--at least may trabaho na siya after 2016."

The UNA official said Trillanes' statement after the ocular inspection of the Makati City Hall building 2 "remains a subjective and unsubstantiated pronouncement even after conducting so many hearings on the subject." From ABS-CBN News