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Election 2019: Welcome To The New Philippine Senate Hall of Shame!

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Tuesday, May 14, 2019

Election 2019: Welcome To The New Philippine Senate Hall of Shame!

New Senate Hall of Shame?
Global Pinoys: Ano ang tama? Ano ang mali? Ang mga nanalo:mga sinugaling! mga pumatay(EJKs), mga plunderers! Kawawa naman ang🇵🇭! 🙏🙏🙏
 The pro-Duterte super majority in the Senate would be “open to the highest bidder, with an opposition that would be effectively smothered.”
New York Times
Great Filipino Senators
The great Filipino Senators would be turning in their graves if they only know how bad things are in the Senate of the Philippines.
Ka Pepe, Ka Tanny, Don Claro and Ninoy, all look like towering giants; in their shadows the rest of us are but intellectual pygmies.
Who can ever forget their towering intellect and visionary political leadership?
Ka Pepe
"No cause is more worthy than the cause of human rights… they are what makes a man human. Deny them and you deny man’s humanity." — 
Senator Jose W. Diokno
Ka Tanny
"Nationalism is the primal virtue of the citizen; that virtue which prompts him to place the common good of his people above private and personal good, above the interest of his party, that virtue that makes him willing nay, glad to sacrifice himself that the nation may live." 
Senator Lorenzo M. Tañada
Don Claro
 Nationalism is nourished by a sense of history. It is of its essence to know profoundly the past, so that we may be in complete openness with the men who made that history and in intimate communion with their thoughts, their deeds, and their noble lives. The study of our nation's history with its nationalist tenets is, therefore, an inescapable duty and necessity in this formative period of our Republic.  
Senator Claro M. Recto
"And therefore, as I thought back that there are still many valiant Filipinos who are fighting for freedom, fighting for your right to speak. These are the people who are putting their lives on the line. These are people who abandon their loved ones and the comforts of their home, the wealth of their offices, to be able to bring our freedom back, and to be true to our founding fathers. And so I told my wife, “Much as we have found our peace and our freedom, I will have to return to combat." 
Senator Ninoy Aquino
Now do a simple test: compare the four great Senators
to some of the newly-elected senators:
“It’s within my conscience. Though I did not kill them personally, it happened during my watch. Ako po ay maka Diyos na tao kaya humihingi ako ng tawad, kasama na diyan pati mga pulis ko na namatay sa war on drugs.” 
Bato De La Rosa
Pork Barrel Scandal
"This is it. This controversy has been engineered by the administration for only one purpose – to demolish the opposition, especially those who enjoy the popular support of our people." Bong Revilla
One fateful day on August 31, 1977, there was an open forum in the Pamantasang ng Lungsod ng Maynila (PLM) where Imee the current director that time of the Kabataang Barangay (National Youth Council) was a speaker.
Trajano questioned Imee’s appointment as director of the National Youth Council. He wanted to know why the President’s daughter should be assigned for this position. Apparently, the presidential daughter Imee was not pleased about being asked regarding this.
Trajano was taken out of the venue without his consent by Imee’s bodyguards. He was forcibly taken out just because of his question. And who knew this would be the last time anyone saw Trajano alive.
Trajano was finally found on September 2, 1977 and sadly he was already dead when he was discovered on the road. There were signs of torture and abuse – he was covered with bruises and his face was even disfigured.
Initially, they told his parents that Trajano was killed due to a fight with his dorm mates. There was no coverage of his death either except for a few who dismissed it as an event due to college fraternity hazings.
He was tortured and killed just because the presidential daughter didn’t like his question. His question didn’t warrant such response. Any action would not have warranted such response. It was illegal, inhumane – it was a case of human rights violation.
Agapita Trajano, the victim’s mother would finally file a case against them in Hawaii later on.  The court ruled in the Trajano’s favor but Imee argued that the Hawaii court should only have jurisdiction on tortures that happened on US soil. From The Martial Law Chronicles Project