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Binay and Poe Exploiting INC Family Feud to Get Their Block Votes in 2016!

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"Should we vote for a man whose claims to success appear to be based on lies and on corruption? God help our country if we do so." Solita Monsod, Inquirer

Saturday, August 29, 2015

Binay and Poe Exploiting INC Family Feud to Get Their Block Votes in 2016!

-One who likes to butt in on others 
-an "extra," like in a film but this word isn't necessarily used for that situation 
-derived from the Filipino term "papel" or "pumapel" which means one who likes to always be in the scene or be given attention in things that don't concern them.
Binay and Poe Shamelessly Exploiting INC Family Feud to Get Their Block Votes
“Do not destroy the unity of the Church whether regarding voting or other activity for this is an excommunicable sin in the Church.” 
MANILA -- A suspended Iglesia Ni Cristo (INC) minister on Saturday revealed a letter which supposedly links several INC ministers to alleged peddling of the religious group's ''bloc voting'' power.
Roel Rosal said a Bulacan mayor had sought explanation on why the influential religious group did not endorse him in the 2010 elections.
The mayor supposedly claimed he had several meetings with INC district ministers and allegedly gave them P200,000 in exchange for INC's support.
''Ilang beses siya na nagbigay pero sa bandang huli ay hindi siya nadala ng Iglesia,'' Rosal told ABS-CBN News.
Since he was a friend of the mayor, Rosal gave the letter to an official of the INC.
The mayor did not get a reply, he said.
There was no response either when Rosal wrote a letter to INC's executive minister himself, Eduardo Manalo.
Rosal was surprised when they were threatened by INC officials and told to stop writing letters to Manalo.
Rosal claimed he was suspended without due process and was asked, in the presence of policemen, to leave his INC-provided housing.
''Tiniwalag na kami at wala na kaming karapatang manirahan sa pabahay ng Iglesia. Kapag hindi raw kami umalis, kakaladkarin kami,'' he said.
Rosal said, he felt compelled to tell his story after INC spokesperson Edwil Zabala claimed the suspended ministers were merely out to destroy the religious group and seize control of its affairs.
Rosal believes the practice of money changing hands for the church's ''bloc votes'' also happens in other provinces.
''Noong panahon ng ka Erdy (late INC executive minister EraƱo Manalo), maraming natitiwalag na ministro kapag napatunayan na talagang tumangaap, pero bakit hindi sila makapanindigan doon sa katotohanan? Binabaliktad pa kami at kami pa raw ang nanggugulo sa Iglesia,'' he said.
Rosal urged other ministers to surface and expose alleged anomalies within the INC.
He also hopes that the INC executive minister will soon face the church's members and address the the group's problems.
“Except to vote as one during elections in accordance with our fundamental beliefs, we do not intervene in politics, and it is offensive to say otherwise,” said Topacio, a lawyer for Jose Miguel Arroyo, husband of former President and now Pampanga Rep. Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo.
According to Metropolitan Manila Development (MMDA), about 20,000 members of the Iglesia Ni Cristo flocked in EDSA Shrine on Friday, August 28, 2015.
It was reported that INC members were advised by the church officials to transfer from Padre Faura to EDSA to continue their protest for the “separation of church and state.
Unidentified assailants reportedly mauled ABS-CBN cameraman Melchor Pinlac while he was filming the Iglesia ni Cristo protest at the EDSA Shrine.
Pinlac said that he was grabbed by the neck, then he was punched on the jaw, the body, and the back of the neck, according to a dzMM radio report. All the while, the crowd around him was chanting “biased, biased.”
According to Super Radyo dzBB, their reporter Olan Bola was shoved around during the encounter while trying to appease protesters. Bola was not injured. — GMA News
Courting Time For INC Block Votes
From Inquirer
Vice President Jejomar Binay seemed to be courting the Iglesia ni Cristo’s (INC) favor as he urged the present administration to stop meddling in the affairs of the influential religious sect.
In a statement Friday, Binay said the INC was only exercising its freedom to assembly and religious freedom when a thousand members held a protest action before the Department of Justice on Thursday which continued until Friday.
Binay, a presidential aspirant in the 2016 polls, is seemingly wooing the favor of the INC, known for their bloc voting during elections.
The INC supporters criticized Justice Secretary Leila De Lima, who happened to be celebrating her 56th birthday that on Thursday, for allegedly meddling in the internal affairs of the INC.
The DOJ is investigating a criminal complaint filed by an expelled INC minister against eight members of the Sanggunian, the sect’s highest administrative body.
“We cannot fault the INC for resorting to mass action to protect the independence of their church from a clear act of harassment and interference from the administration,” the Vice President said.
“Religious freedom is guaranteed by our Constitution. Yet the administration chose to trample on this sacred right. What we are seeing are people fighting for their faith,” he added.
Expelled minister Isaias Samson filed a complaint of illegal detention, harassment, threats and coercion against the Sanggunian for allegedly detaining him and his family amid a power play that almost split the Manalo family, the founders of the INC.
Isaias Samson Jr., the former editor of the INC publication “Pasugo,” was accused of penning the hard-hitting articles online that exposed alleged corruption in the INC.
Iglesia Ni Cristo moved its forces to the Catholic's hallowed Edsa Shrine on August 28, 2015 after a mass action at the Department of Justice in Manila. The group wants to stop its investigation of a criminal complaint filed by an expelled minister against INC advisory council members. From Inquirer
Senator Grace Poe has defended the protests being held by the Iglesia ni Cristo against the Department of Justice’s supposed interference in the church’s internal affairs by saying its members are only defending their beliefs.
“Huwag nating mamaliitin ang importansya ng relihiyon,” she said. “Para sa akin, ang mga tao na yan, ang dinedepensahan nila ay ang kanilang paniniwala. Nirerespeto natin ‘yan at kailangan ay pangalagaan din ang kanilang mga karapatan.”
The believers are calling for the DOJ to stop its investigation on the illegal detention case filed by expelled minister Isaias Samson Jr. by insisting on the Constitutional provision about the separation of church and State. They also want Justice Sec. Leila de Lima to resign. From politics.com.ph